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where can I find ikaria olive oil,tea,redwine, and honey?
Posted by: andrea
21/10/2009 11:45 AM

I came across the article while waiting for my daughter at the Doctor's office. Very informative! My Father passed away from effects of dementia. After taking care of him the last years of his life, I became very concerned with the chance of this being my fate. Thanks to you and the AARP for your search for the facts! I have put these into my daily diet and will continue to do so thanks to your suggestions! Keep up the good work!! :)
Posted by: Maureen McMahon
14/10/2009 04:24 PM

Loved reading Mr. Buettner's "Grecian Formula" and other articles. I enjoy sharing this great info/research with my clients. Thank you! This article states that the "Ikarians fast about 150 days." How is "fasting" defined for the Ikarians? I realize it is defined differently for different groups.
Posted by: debbie ivie
06/10/2009 03:19 PM

Thanks for the interesting article. One comment: The emphasis on the diuretic effects of their daily herbal tea makes me wonder how much of the virtue of drinking red wine is simply the dehydrating effect of the alcohol. Any thoughts?
Posted by: Erik Illi
26/09/2009 12:52 PM