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Dude!--Don't your editors read this stuff? Kayaking Lake Superior and canoeing the Boundary Waters are awesome nearby adventures, but Lake Superior is 2 hours and the nearest Boundary Waters put-in is 4 . Also, while Lake Calhoun is within walking distance of Uptown, the local kiting community has a self-imposed ban on summer kiting there. Check out LAKAWA.com for details on the local wind-riding scene.
Posted by: Shaun McElhatton
25/09/2009 02:28 PM

This article is wrong. 1. you can't buy a house in that neighborhood for 50K. more like 165K. 2. Also, Lake Superior is 2.5 hours north while the BWCA is about four hours. 3. sub-zero for cellcius not fahrenheit is more correct. Fact checking is always nice to do before publishing an article.
Posted by: Joe
21/09/2009 05:32 PM