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Flagstaff is an incredible place. The climate is pleasant. The one negative is that most outdoor recreation activities require a major commitment of time and effort. There are a limited number of interesting day trips and an unlimited number of multi day trips within easy reach of Flag. There is good hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, boating (several hours away) biking, (the Arizona Trail, which runs from Mexico to Utah goes through Flag.) It is the home base for many outfitters.
Posted by: Allan Blair
29/09/2009 05:25 PM

Just got off a 7-day motorized river trip of Grand Canyon w/Canyoneers.com
Can easily say this was one of the high points of my lifetime travel experience.
Posted by: Stacey Wittig
29/09/2009 05:00 PM

Lived there for 10 years and loved every one of them. What a fantastic little town!
Posted by: Matt Branson
22/09/2009 11:24 PM

Lived there for 10 years and loved every one of them. What a fantastic little town!
Posted by: Matt Branson
22/09/2009 11:24 PM

I definitely recommend Little Thai Kitchen! And the first Friday art walk downtown. Also, Karma has the best fried rise in the world!
Posted by: Nicole
21/09/2009 12:36 PM

I lived in and worked in Flagstaff for 2 years and grew to dislike it more everyday. Yes it is very scenic and there are are many opportunities for adventures out your back door. Sedona, San Francisco peaks.It is very dirty, trash, booze bottles laying around. Very transient and the traffic is like a large city. Courtesy seemed a foreign concept and good food and service was hard to find.
I would recommend visiting, see the sites and watch your back as the crime rate is very high.
Posted by: Bob Smith
19/09/2009 02:02 AM

woody mountain road, fr# 245! follow it for 18 miles to the rim overlooking sedona, cottonwood, and jerome. you will most likely be the only ones out there because its an 18 mile dead end!! bring the kids and camp in one of the many sites!
Posted by: andy krueger
18/09/2009 11:50 PM

I absolutely love Scott's Chicago Pizza ! It is as good if not better than what I get in Chicago !
By all means, try it !
Posted by: Roberta Zorn
18/09/2009 05:39 PM

Scott's Chicago Pizza - amazing pizza and will deliver to downtown bars, hotels etc.
Posted by: flagmom
18/09/2009 03:58 PM

I lived in Flagstaff for 2 years and loved it!! Def a good place to go when you do check out Maloney's and Monte Vista
Posted by: regi
18/09/2009 12:40 PM