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I have as yet only passed through this town on the way to the many attractions in the broader Point Reyes area. Drake's Estero and Tomales Bay are excellent places to kayak, hike, and spot wildlife. The coastline nearby is gorgeous.
Posted by: KL
05/11/2009 12:25 PM

Point Reyes Station is one of the most iconic towns in Northern Cali. I had the fortunate of living there for a year after college. Enjoy the burrios at the Reyes Cafe and some delish chocolate pastrys at the Bovine Bakery. The Western Saloon (only bar in town) has tons of fun characters, people watching and friendly atmosphere. Try to visit on the weekdays, when the town is not crowded with folks up from San Fran and the Bay Area.
Posted by: MP
25/09/2009 01:12 PM