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I loved visiting the Farnsworth Museum that houses all the Wyeth Family paintings. Eat at "The Brass Compass" for superb blueberry pancakes! js
Posted by: Jane Spurrier
04/10/2009 01:53 PM

Quite a few schooners sail out of the Rockland area, but for adventurers, one best bet is the Schooner Summertime, which sails out of here June-September. It's smaller than most, but still has some sense of privacy. More importantly, because it is small and rustic, every hand on deck gets to help with the sailing, from hauling anchor to hoisting sails, to standing at the helm. No experience necessary, Captain Bill will guide you and you'll feel your own adventure every time you "come about."
Posted by: Ellen
29/09/2009 01:06 PM