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Rent a Cabin from Colonial Properties. The ones in Pigeon Forge are nice with hottubs and pool tables.
Candice Cayson
(Tupelo, MS/Bozeman, MT)
Posted by: Anonymous
22/11/2009 04:00 PM

Living just 2 hrs. from the town of Gatlinburg there are a few things we dont want to forget. Gatlinburgs neighbor of Sevierville with almost as much to offer as Gatlinburg itself. My best suggestion is start at the top of Gatlinburg walk all the way down the back up the strip, visiting each store of course. Skip the motel thing and look up ERA in the smokies stay in a cabin much more fun and private. Eat at Fanny Mays, 2nd best hotdog/sausages in the world. This town is a must for any age.
Posted by: Paul
30/09/2009 07:57 AM