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Nice story! When speaking of outdoor activities near B'ham Galbraith Mt is a must for Mt. biking enthusiasts! Hundreds of trails ranging from cross country to technical
Posted by: Nick Valich
17/10/2009 10:13 PM

Don't forget a fun day trip to Lummi Island during the Lavender Festival, or the Lummi Nation Salmon Celebration with canoe races and First Salmon Ceremony. There is Reef Net fishing and delicious Salmon bar-b-ques.
Posted by: Maggie
29/09/2009 03:42 PM

Great article, but we don't want too many people finding out about us.
For PLAY- you can't leave out the mountain biking. Dozens of miles of easily accessible trails for all skill levels.
For EAT- So many good places in the downtown core.
For SLEEP- the Bellwether Hotel has an even better view than the Chrysalis. Both have very nice rooms.

Posted by: Kepler Newman
29/09/2009 03:31 PM

The best place for coffee ... The Black Drop on Champion!
Posted by: Shari
28/09/2009 04:01 PM

Pickup a copy of the only independent, locally owned, Cascadia Weekly newspaper to find out what is happening in the area or check us out before you get here at www.cascadiaweekly.com
Posted by: Marisa Papetti
28/09/2009 03:10 PM

Wahoo, Bellingham! As a passionate Hamster myself and an employee of the tourism bureau, we are extremely excited for this recognition. Interested in visiting the region? Contact our office to have a free packet sent to you: 1-800-487-2032 or visit our Website: www.bellingham.org

Many thanks for the high praise, National Geographic Adventure!
Posted by: Caroline Kinsman
25/09/2009 01:23 PM