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You can't doubt the Schweitzer POWDER! Were you here over the last couple years? or in 1996? It's been simply amazing all but 1 of the last 15 years I've been here. Schweitzer has some of the best powder and terrain of any resort in the NW. See for yourself! And for whoever is bashing the writer: Maybe YOU should check your facts. Don't you think you're being one-sided as well? Read your comments and ask yourself why you're being so negative...then remember that it's all good!
Posted by: Billy T
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08/08/2008 07:41 PM

Well, long-time resident and all that, but WTF do I know about lake or mountains...Nice plugs for Eich's, though.
Posted by: Rory
05/08/2008 11:53 PM

Who's to say who can and can't enjoy our lake? Is it fair for the masses to continue to gather around small city lakes and be satisfied? Can someone not adventure to new places and inhabit new areas? Sure, it's unfortunate to all those who have enjoyed uninhabited Lake Pend Oreille. But, the lake is HUGE and has the capacity to be enjoyed by many. The lake will not suffer from growth alone, but it could suffer if government does not properly protect it.
Posted by: Jerry
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25/07/2008 05:16 PM

READ THIS> I completely disagree. We should welcome ALL to our great community. Certainly not all of the current residents were born in Sandpoint, Idaho. Why is it okay for YOU to move here, but not the next resident? Progress is inevitable. Let's help mold the future of Sandpoint rather than reminisce the days of old.

As for bathwater warm...well, they did say summer, not spring. The lake is going to be cold earlier in the year, but with 90degree weather in July
Posted by: Jeff Riggin
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23/07/2008 07:41 PM

This article is sadly lacking in accuracy. The most amusing fallacy is describing Pend Oreille as "bathwater warm". At best, the lake temperature rises to "icy cold". About the only thing the author got right was the need to bring work with you (aka telecommute). Sandpoint is a beautiful place. But unless you are willing to live on Idaho minimum wage, you may wish to visit rather then live there. As for "affordable", "powder", "unsightly sprawl", look elsewhere for those attributes.
Posted by: Emily
23/07/2008 01:54 PM

This article on Sandpoint is full of errors. Please do your homework if considering living here. Winters are long, wages are low housing
Posted by: Coral Melton
17/07/2008 03:43 PM

I have lived in Sandpoint area for 30 years and the incredible growth of the last 5 years -- thanks to publications like yours -- are destroying our precious ecosystem. The lake has really suffered from all of this growth. Besides numerous gated developments, now we also put herbicides into the lake for invasive species thanks to all the jetskiers and power boaters! And the state wants to put a freeway in alongside City Beach. Progress sucks. As a writer, your report is one-sided.
Posted by: Jane Fritz
17/07/2008 07:30 AM