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dean's one of the raddest dudes about, i'd be psyched to get half as much done as him. good job dude
Posted by: chris
27/11/2009 12:41 AM

See him in the movie "The Sharp End". The man is a legend. He is an inspiration to those of us who have to sweep away the cobwebs of our comfort zones before we approach our own little adventures.
Posted by: Patrick
21/11/2009 03:33 PM

Dean is amazing
Posted by: jenn
18/11/2009 09:04 PM

It is one thing to do something better. It is another to have the vision to do something new and groundbreaking. Congrats to Dean for upping the ante to make his adventures expressions of his unique vision and passion
Posted by: Karl Baba
16/11/2009 08:01 PM

Being better at something is one thing. Having the vision to do something in a new and powerful way is another. Congrats to Dean. When the adventure runs out on something extreme, he ups the ante
Posted by: Karl Baba
16/11/2009 07:59 PM