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I saw this movie at the Naples International Film Festival in FLA. It was an excellent film and well paced. It's over before you know it and takes a while to digest everything. I wonder if Louie is aware of the military sonar that's destroying and harming ocean life on a MASSIVE scale. At least the Japanese are eating this bad meat, we're firing off sonar that gives whole whale pods the bends! Look into it. I love this film. My hat's off to Ric O'Barry too. I wrote my President, you should too.
Posted by: Donald J Haberkorn
19/11/2009 12:51 PM

Thank God there are courageous people like the crew that filmed the movie "The Cove". Even the people of Japan were horrified upon seeing what was going on in their own country. Not only mas slaughter of dolphins, but the even more horrific act of feeding it to young developing children. They knew what they were doing, poisoning there own children, yet continued to do it for greed. These people should be put up in front of the public in Japan, so they can be shown for their lack of humanity.
Posted by: Lyn Conklin
18/11/2009 10:47 PM

Louie Psihoyos has done the world a favor by creating The Cove. It's shocking that this practice has been allowed to continue for so long. It's been great to see how the film has made a very real impact, and I'm sure the film's profile will only become more and more visible around Oscar time. It would be a shame if it didn't win Best Documentary
Posted by: Luke
18/11/2009 03:40 PM