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(continued) Ever heard of Ingemar Stenmark or Pernilla Wiberg? Two of the greatest alpine racers of all time. Both from Sweden. Ok, Sweden is not Austria in terms of producing alpine champions, but to lump Sweden in with such underachievers as Brittan, Australia and Japan or make a statement like "Why the Swedes Never Win" is just asinine and indicates you don't know alpine ski racing.
Posted by: Scott
22/11/2009 02:03 AM

It is a "plus" to not be from Sweden for achieving alpine racing success? Are you joking? Do you know even the slightest bit of alpine racing history? Do you even know who the current racers are other than Vonn? Anja Paerson(SWE)currently in her last season has been on the podium 5 times in the Olympics with 1 gold medal and has 85 World Cup podiums including 40 wins. Therese Borssen (SWE) just won the FIS Champions Cup in parallel slalom in Russia this weekend. Frida Hansdotter (SWE) was 3rd.
Posted by: Scott
22/11/2009 01:40 AM