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gustave should pursue a career in MMA

greatest GNP of all-time
Posted by: bk
22/10/2009 05:43 PM

THis one guy says that this croc is a friggen beast.
Posted by: oneguy
13/10/2009 11:51 PM

i thank every body needs to live gustave alone because hes leagend of being the biggest gator and plus yall could put some thing on him to let people know were is at so they can stay out of open waters i thank its bull that yall want to kill him hes just like us god put him here
Posted by: alesia dubuisson
10/10/2009 02:02 PM

I think the story of Gustave is outstanding, it should be left to see out the rest of its days, its a natural wonder, trying to capture or kill it would only upset those who would be trying to do it as a croc of that size and reputation would be impossible to contain.
Posted by: Anonymous
22/09/2009 09:34 PM

At the end of the movie Primeval, Gustave didn't die! i was so freaked out. I always wanted to see the river he's killed over 100's of people. but after that movie... I'll pass. ...
Posted by: Taylor
28/08/2009 09:16 PM

Man, Gustave is the bomb! Ever since I've seen Primeval, crocs have stunned me, especially Gustave. Can you believe that this monster ate like 300 people? He Is The BOMB!!!
Posted by: Vaughn Maynor
26/06/2009 12:35 PM

What actually happened to him?
Is any hope of alive?
Such monster kept alive aside and think on daily increasing human population which lead total world tnwards extinction
Posted by: Pankaj n. Gharat
18/06/2009 05:37 AM

Room 15 wants to know - where is Gustave? We read the wonderful article posted and want to know if there has been any more sightings?
Posted by: katie stoesz
09/06/2009 04:22 PM

deverian hacer un programa especial en national anunciarlo por tv y darlo a conocer ya que a las personas les es de gran interes y curiosidad ver un cocdrilo vivo de este tamaƱo al menos ami me encantaria ver mas informacion sobre este cocdrilo pero noce ustedes.
Posted by: benito rojas rodriguez
20/05/2009 01:00 AM

national geographic should bringing some competitive stories of killer crocs. The gustave is monumental indeed but many stories are matched, like man eater crocs in Borneo ( Indonesia) as reported having more than 20 feet long w/ 1 tonne in weight..
Again, the monster croc is one of the curios topic of wild life for national geographic browsers.. so let make us more amazed w/ other true story of the crocs

Posted by: sondi nugroho
19/05/2009 02:52 AM

what about the story recently that hit the mews outside of austin of the giant croc that was killed in a persons yard on a lake it was evry bit of twenty feet a sherriff standing next to it is dwarfed does anyone know that story and waht happened to the crocs carcass?
Posted by: Ameer Mutazammil
06/05/2009 10:47 PM

its not killingits bout hunting,its in th croc instinct,to prevent that,its obvious it needs to be captured,but the people needs to be cautious.another way to prevent these type of attack,just put a barrier like in the sea to prevent sharks from coming nearthe beach,but it should be very solid
Posted by: pravin
01/05/2009 08:16 AM

Thats one beast crocodile. i wanna see it one day
Posted by: Anonymous
13/03/2009 02:16 PM

this crocodile sounds like a killer he doesn't eat his pray and is twive the size of the average crocodile and no one has killed this man eater what is wrong with these people if he can kill 300 of them why cant't we kill one of him
Posted by: charlie ferguson
08/02/2009 01:12 AM

I think we just let the beast roam free.When he dies then we study and figure out he was killing most of the villigers. P.S. I'm GAY.
Posted by: Marquis a.k.a. Bust It Wide Open
06/11/2008 11:34 AM

He's not a serial killer, he's a Crocodile. And the fact that he's killed all those people should have no bearing on his freedom. He's just being a crocodile. People who go into his kitchen are willingly taking the risk. Leave him alone to be the force of nature that he has become. He's not a monster or a science experiment. He's a crocodile being a crocodile. period.
Posted by: kmitch62
03/11/2008 04:43 PM

however, residents leaving in those possible threat areas should be taught on taking extra security measures like fencing up areas.. etc etc..
Posted by: Dimple Gamgee
are you kidding...fencing up??..what world are u in...the poor locals cannot avoid the water and they need to be rescued from this monster asap
Posted by: RG
05/10/2008 06:28 AM

it is very rare to have a crocodile living up to this size and age. thus i think it should be left alone, maybe study him from afar (if that is possible) but not taking him into captivity.

however, residents leaving in those possible threat areas should be taught on taking extra security measures like fencing up areas.. etc etc..
Posted by: Dimple Gamgee
30/09/2008 05:58 AM

You are portraying him as if everyone should go out and kill him and hate him hes just doing what he does in nature and you arent being any better if you want to capture him.
Posted by: Kevin Plitt
23/09/2008 12:00 PM

Just leave the poor guy alone. If he was put in captivity he would surely die, and the world would loose a natural wonder. This has happened many times before. Humans should stop messing with nature. Scientists, of all people, should know that. You can 'study' him once he dies of natural causes. Let him roam free, he's a living legend, a natural wonder, not a science experiment. Thank you.
Posted by: Ifunga Ndana (from LSK, Zambia)
13/09/2008 08:24 AM

I think its about time somebody catches this croc,so we can learn more about him.And find out if he really is a serial killer or not.
Posted by: matthew fontenot
26/08/2008 03:38 AM