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Its great to know that such creatures are still existing on our planet.But for the betterment of people it should be made sure that either these animals are captured or tagged with such devices which can indicate their presence in such areas where people often visit.
Posted by: Ajay Kahar
18/11/2009 02:25 AM

gustaf is a huge croc ive seen it myself it eats wilderbeast like we eat crisps.and should not be killed let him keep eating africans
Posted by: gow anders
26/10/2009 09:29 AM

Has gustav been caught
Posted by: keller
24/10/2009 02:24 AM

I REALLY like this article and i think that they should take Gustave to the wild , a place with no humans can be harmed GUSTAVE should live and he should be free.It's not his fault he's eating people he probably doesn't have enough animals to eat around him.I strongly belive that the croc should live he is an animal.I think humans are smarter than crocs are.
Posted by: Mariam
22/10/2009 07:25 PM

Actually, as of January '09, Gustave is still alive and kicking. And still roaming the Rusizi river.
Posted by: John
11/10/2009 07:29 AM

I am a tad disappointed. This crocodile, to save the remaining people in the village should be captured and moved to a reserve for the remainder of his life. That is what they do for bears that are a treat to humans, they move them to a new habitat. Also, I know you are all 'animal lovers', but as I said for the good of the people if 'Gustav' can't be safely moved, he needs to be euthanized to eliminate any future human deaths caused by him. What's important a crocodile or several humans?
Posted by: Sarah
16/09/2009 09:09 AM

Still cant able to imagine the monster creature. 20 feet long 1000kgs. Mind blowing. Although the post seems to be old but i am eager to know if the croc is still alive and whether Brady Barr was able to catch it.
The speed at which the size of jungles is decreasing there will be certainly more conflicts between man and wild.
Posted by: Abhishek daga
04/09/2009 06:24 AM

why isn't NGC or Discovery or any of the so called Animal friendly networks doing anything to protect Gustave when they know clearly that if they dont..one of these days the guerillas or the local govt will kill the creature never bothering the value of its life..is Dr.Brady Barr too scared of going out to that area as any westener Due to "Security Concerns"
Posted by: Nick
09/08/2009 06:39 AM

Humans are taking more and more habitat from the wild creatures on this planet. I respect nature and believe everything has a purpose...if we swim in their waters we are taking that risk and the animal should not be killed or punished for our selfishness. I swim in oceans, kayak rivers and hike in the mountains...if a shark, bear or water takes my life...it was my choice to be there and the risks I took on myself. He is beautiful and should live his life as nature intended.
Posted by: Gina
04/08/2009 10:32 AM

What is the status of the Gustav hunt as of July 09'? Are any of the networks i.e. History Channel's Monsters, Animal Planet or National Geo. on a serious photographic safari to find it? my thoughts go back to the 70's when George My thoughts go back to the 70's when George Plimpton found the largest African elephant alive named, Ahmad in a TV special.
Posted by: Darryl McDonald
18/07/2009 06:16 PM

I saw a movie with him in it called primeval and I thought it was cool so I read this.... They should let him live he's a beast and a symbol I think he should stay alive
Posted by: Rowan
17/07/2009 08:36 PM

Well every Animal in the world has the right to live and Gustave if really existant is not doing anything wrong as he has been designed to kill for a living unlike us Humans. It is due to our interference in his habitat we are facing the problems. Crocs are amongst the most amazing Creatures ever to live and have survived for so long and they have all the right to live longer and will do so if we stop interfering with their Habitats. To qote from the legendary Steve Irwin "Crocs Rule".
Posted by: Leonard
30/06/2009 05:27 AM

Let him live. This is a creature that outlived the dinosaurs and is sure going to out live us.. he is a pure hunter, instinct that predates ours, we cannot even comprehend this animal nor should we interfere. It is human nature to destroy what most frightens them.. You won't kill this croc, millions of years of instinct does not get tricked so easily.
Posted by: Nikola Meyers
20/06/2009 07:52 AM

This Email is for Patrice Faye i've read some of your articles and im amazed by how big and blood thirsty this creature is for human blood. Does the creature actually Hunt human for sport? and is it still alive today? I think it would be amazing to see the animal close up. Email back please thanks.
Posted by: Dustin James Ryan
17/06/2009 11:24 AM

have the people living along the rusizi river seen gustave or is just myths.
Posted by: kalyata rudolf
05/06/2009 02:19 AM

have anybody actualy seen the croc and/or have pictures documenting that this croc is real or fake.
Posted by: patricia
31/05/2009 06:00 PM

first of all,i would love to have a video or rather dvd of that croc for my collection.am so crazy about crocs and wild animals.please tell me how to acquire a dvd?
Posted by: chelu
29/05/2009 09:57 AM

I say blow the monster out of the water... if we kill muderers then the same should go for animals... animal loving hippie wackjobs
Posted by: Matt D
24/05/2009 12:33 PM

I saw the film. I remember being OUTRAGED that the filmmakers were talking about 'Gustave' like he was a national treasure. In one scene they spotted 'Gustave' lounging in the sun on a riverbank... And They DIDN'T SHOOT HIM!! Even though they had alot of guns. The next day he ate a small child swimming in the river. IMO the people in the boat who refused to shoot this animal are directly responsible for that childs death. He should be hunted down and shot. Crocs are not an endangered species.
Posted by: Roy W
17/05/2009 08:51 PM

save gustave let the croc live you can put him in captivity to save people lives but save the croc
Posted by: roger
16/05/2009 08:59 PM

I think that Gustave should be left in the wild. maybe he could mate with another crocodile,and have genetic transformance you know?
Posted by: roneyl
15/05/2009 09:48 PM

WOW! That croc is soooo big! i wish i had him as a pet, or i could mind control him!
Posted by: baller v231
15/05/2009 02:49 PM

This article is a lie liars! Gustave is 23 feet and Brady
Barr can't catch him he has to be more Hi tech
Posted by: Jack D'Elia
14/05/2009 08:20 PM

Very old croc, considering all the threats. I think that scar is what made him survive. After someone shot him and missed, he got spooked by people. I sure want to see this guy.
Posted by: Fed
13/05/2009 02:25 AM

I have seen a gustave in the cinema PRIMEVAL.I admired when im seeing it. Is there any difference with original hurtbue?
Posted by: Jesuraja
23/03/2009 10:25 AM

man that croc is huge its awesome i never seen a croc before and i serntinaly do not ever see a croc that big but i dont think its right to try and kill it either its just part of life if you they catch maybe put him in a zoo or something just please dont kill him
Posted by: brandon
02/01/2009 12:09 AM

Great story. Nevertheless, Crocs are alive and well in Costa Rica killing about 1 person per year. As for size, one can find 20' crocs right off the freeway. Not bad for a Country that hasn't seen war in over 60 years.
Posted by: Mark
22/12/2008 01:12 PM

wow that's scary but is he still alive?
Posted by: Anonymous
01/12/2008 10:09 PM

great article, I have picture of my father in south pacific during WW2 with 30 ft croc. I know for a fact these creatures exist.

Posted by: darren ledet
05/11/2008 08:58 PM

has he been seen recently? when was his last siteimg
Posted by: Anonymous
23/10/2008 11:17 AM

Hi I was wondering has there been any recent sightings of this animal in Burundi, i am facinated by how big this creature is.....Is he the biggest one seen on record??
Posted by: marcus thomas
15/10/2008 10:52 AM

The alligator GUSTAVE is in one of the killer crocs NO ONE SHOULD HUNT,-My name is Brooke I will help the hunt soon.
Posted by: Brooke
14/10/2008 07:13 PM

Oh! A huge one!! He is 25 years old? And how much the crocodile could live?
I saw this is the biggest crocodile evere found.
Posted by: Shopping advice
06/10/2008 08:08 AM

Hey i am doing a report on Gustave for my speech class and if any1 knows so other good websites about Gustave let me know thanks
Posted by: Dakota
02/10/2008 12:06 PM

So, what they are sayin' about Gustave, is he is left alone, not bein' searched ever again. Just let him go on killin' the people
Posted by: T.J. Price
02/10/2008 11:00 AM

Wow, you know it just surprises me how somthing like this could ever exist. If this "killer croc" is out there murdering people whyt can't they, maybe, put it in a wildlife facility by itself. I belive this will truly stop or at least reduce the number of murders this croc is producing. Something truly needs to be done about this interesting mass killer.
Posted by: Aaliyah Patton
19/09/2008 10:05 PM

Excellently told story. I was also disappointed that Gustave wasn't measured and weighed
Posted by: Jim Lorenz
22/08/2008 04:03 AM