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Yes I agree with you!
Posted by: cialis super active
30/11/2008 10:57 PM

New Zealand is an absolutely amazing place. The scenic variety from snow capped mountains to beautiful ocean vistas (both on the west and east coasts) make it unique in my travels. Just spent 10 days there and stayed part of the time at the Hapuku Lodge (featured on the NG Adventure October cover), a wonderfully managed lodge tucked between the seaside Kaikoura mountain range to the west and the Pacific to the east ("meat work" surf spot is an easy walk). Very highly recommend a visit.
Posted by: David
20/10/2008 08:52 PM

all the best... keep rocking
Posted by: bijesh adhikari
20/10/2008 12:12 AM

I am in NZ right now , do you have any groups for the dates , 23rd october until 30 october ? I would love to repeat the experience of travelling with B
Posted by: Miriam Silva
09/10/2008 09:37 PM

NEW ZEALAND is a very beautiful place. Awesome country blessed with magnificence in its surroundings. I love it.
Posted by: aileen
25/09/2008 08:54 PM

New Zealand truly is a breathtaking collection of islands in the sout Pacific.
Posted by: Dave
25/09/2008 06:08 AM

Nice to see another story on NZ but sadly it has screened before as it appears to be a product placement, forgive me if im wrong but i am sure this was a clothing brochure I saw last year on you tube about how to shoot good action photos while on assignment for the label in nz
Posted by: john cosgrove
24/09/2008 05:41 PM

I've always dreamed of going to New Zealand, and now I am determined to see it's wild beauty before civilization spoils it.
Posted by: Suzanne Belflower
24/09/2008 09:24 AM

If I could live there I would! Its such a beautiful country. The Fiordlands is a must see! If you have a chance to go and like outdoor activities I can't imagine a better venue. The views are breath taking and life changing!
Posted by: Robert
23/09/2008 04:15 PM

Great to see my homeland profiled in Adventure... and there is so much more... I am an Adventure Coach based in NZ. Talk to me if you want to come to New Zealand, or if you want to take your Adventures to a new level. www.adventurecoaching.co.nz
Posted by: Sarah Wilson
23/09/2008 04:12 PM