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Lived in Seattle for 2yrs. Tried to find a reasonably priced condo, which is not in a derelict building with strange tenants. Traffic is very congested! Did not find Seattle as my place and moved on. Better environments and deals can be found elsewhere. Not a good real estate market to move into right now! Better wait...
Posted by: Chris
12/05/2009 12:09 AM

Having lived or spent significant time in a number of these towns I ask, Seattle #1??? Don't get me wrong, I love Seattle and it is a great hub, but has become a terrible place to live due to traffic, inflated home prices, etc. Coos Bay #2???? I lived in this depressed meth infested town. Coos County (Coos Bay) is the most economically depressed county in Oregon. Coos Bay has extremely high drug problems, unemployment abounds, etc. This article is rediculous, do your homework!
Posted by: Ron Tremain
28/03/2009 03:11 PM