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I have visited Kanha National Park many times with my friends. This time we also experienced the stay at Banjaar Tola. This was an amazing place to stay with an elegant 18-tent camp outfitted with hand-carved furniture and private pools.

This is good that tiger reserves are being updated and more facilities are being provided there, but the main concern is the safety of tigers. Government should take some hard steps to protect the tigers or in future we will be only able to see them in zoo.
Posted by: Prashant Jain
26/09/2009 06:36 AM

I've visited both Lapa Rios, CR, and the Canopy Tower in Panama. Very different experiences: LR is a resort, the Canopy Tower feels like you are evesdropping on a scientific research facility. both are great.
Posted by: palman
01/07/2009 09:45 AM