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Being passionately dedicated to acquiring mastery level technique and imminently focused on refining onself through the conditioning gammut of patience, hard work, and observation of available opportunities will give way for many to succeed in their dreams.
Posted by: Kevin Shon (Apsiring Alpinist)
20/10/2009 11:13 PM

I think it's a bit boring that Nat Geo continues to air the same stories about people climbing Everest, particularly individuals who have already been there and done it - simply not interesting. Why not air something a bit different, more out of the box. I am aware of two identical twins who are attempting to become the first to summit the mountain in 2010. What makes their story interesting is that they have pursued their passion (climbing/adventure), as a family activity over the last 25 yrs.
Posted by: Jon
13/05/2009 08:23 AM

We met Ed V at an LL Bean seminar on Everest. He is my hero.
Posted by: Anonymous
25/03/2009 01:58 PM

What a Guy. I believe he should come to Africa and teach our leaders how to survive in this economic recession. Thanks and keep going.
Posted by: kamau kuira
24/03/2009 03:34 AM

Once again experiences in the outdoors provides answers and examples to follow in solving everyday problems, in this case business problems. Mother nature is still the great teacher!!!
Posted by: Joseph Johnson
23/03/2009 03:57 AM

Climbing and economics...if you are good at what you do, you can certainly apply the lessons for so many other things. And EV is surely one of the best. His book has so much to learn from and best of all, it inspires people to challenge their limits, but carefully, analytically and in realistic terms. No summit is worth your life and guess no money is worth the economic crisis. Thank you EV for being the kind of inspiration we need today.
Posted by: Shailee Basnet
23/03/2009 02:06 AM

Thanks for the nice article. I like the closing analogy and I hope when we make it back down to the economic base camp, we take a good needed rest to recoup before we start furiously climbing hard and fast again.
Posted by: Karen
22/03/2009 12:30 PM

Conviction, certitude, faith, humility and good temper, another clues for surviving and/or surmounting, and/or tolerating the intolerable.
Let's make a list of the do's and don'ts and the "mandatory" attitude.
Posted by: Patricia O'Connor
22/03/2009 12:07 PM

Great article! Makes me want to subcribe to the magazine! Because it is something applicable to my life. Everyone needs something that can make a difference to them. Cheers!
Posted by: Ralph Starling
22/03/2009 11:30 AM