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The writer of this article is clueless ...
Posted by: Scott Weber
22/10/2009 11:26 PM

The writer of this article is clueless ...
Posted by: Scott Weber
22/10/2009 11:26 PM

The Furnace Creek 508 is one tough bike race. However, Race Across Oregon, about 40 miles longer and much more climbing is even tougher. I know, because my son has participated in both, winning his class in FC, but not finishing RAO. My husband has won his class in RAO. So when they say Race Across Oregon is tougher, I believe them.
Posted by: Mary Ann Baclawski
03/10/2009 05:47 PM

I wish the Marathon Des SAbles would stop appearing on lists like this. It is a charity fun walk for overweight city boys. When entering some of the proper hard races like Badwater if you mention the MDS on your running CV you just get laughed at.
Posted by: James Adams
03/10/2009 09:41 AM

You include the 508 but not Race Across Oregon how crazy is that. Race Across Oregon is eight miles longer and has at least 9,000 more feet of climbing then the 508. It is without doubt that Race Across Oregon is the toughest 48 hours in sports.
Posted by: Alex
03/10/2009 02:31 AM

Yes, what a joke that the Great Divide race is missing but they include the MDs. ha ha ha.
Posted by: Mick Jones
29/03/2009 04:54 AM

Pity you missed out the alaskanultrasport - that is the Iditarod on either bike or on foot. Unlike the 6633 ( which is a superb) it is almost totally unsupported. The Mds is a walk in the park compared to other races out there - a pity a magazine like National Geographic could not have done some proper research and found that hundreds of people every year do it - some with little or no training. It is certainly not close to the toughest but is probably got the best hype. And yes I have done it.
Posted by: Thomas
29/03/2009 04:53 AM

Awhh Man.. Was hoping to see the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race on here. 2500 mile self-supported mountain bike race seems like it warrants a spot on this.
Posted by: jacob thompson
24/03/2009 03:57 PM