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My family has had the pleasure of staying at the Andrus Ranch 2 times now. Great place, beautiful scenery, but the VERY BEST PART of our stays was getting to know the Andrus Family. To know - ranching work is NOT FOR WIMPS! Our most memorable vacations!
Posted by: Deborah Sherl
29/10/2009 06:14 PM

My daughter, mom and I stayed at the Andrus Ranch this past summer. What an extraordinary place! I highly recommend it to anyone...
Posted by: Jennie Narraway
29/10/2009 03:48 PM

Good suggestions. Most of these are pretty cheap which makes them ideal for the regular working Joe. It's nice to go out occasionally, it actually help release the tension so you can be refreshed for the following work week. Adventure travel is a physically intensive activity and is a great idea for those who are stuck behind the desk the whole week.
Posted by: custom travel experience
04/06/2009 03:03 PM