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It was all tears and chills for me... throughout the series...

...because of:

1) the starkness of beauty of our parks and

2) the startling fact that neither my family when I was a child, nor I as an adult, have ever been moved to experience that beauty first hand!

Moreover, besides the obvious informational and purple-mountain-magesties aspects, each Best Idea episode, for me, took on a cathedral-like format and became a veritable spiritual respite
Posted by: gabrielle
14/11/2009 07:32 AM

I missed the final episode of the Ken Burns national parks series. When will it be re-run on tv?
Posted by: Deborah Hoffman
04/10/2009 07:25 PM

Thank you so much for the heart warming National parks it has brought tears to my eyes I wish I could get back my child hood I remember the places you have traveled I was born and raised in washington state the most beautiful place ever, more so than alaska,,in a different way,please keep up your zest for life and making life meaningful for our younger generation god bless you and yours!!!
Posted by: cynthia wright
03/10/2009 02:18 AM

Good article, I am planning on watching that series, as a photographer the National Park system is key to many photographers lively hood. I agree with the above comment on going to Yellowstone in winter... it must be great.
Posted by: Markos Berndt
31/08/2009 06:43 PM

Now I want to go to Yellowstone in the winter. Big national park with nobody there. Sounds like a GREAT idea!
Posted by: David L
07/07/2009 12:30 PM

It's an awful job, going from park to park to park for years on end, but if anybody's gotta do it Ken Burns is a good choice. Looking forward to seeing all that awesome footage on PBS in spetember.
Posted by: SammyP
24/06/2009 06:45 PM