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your chanel is really marvelous to go through,am in Uganda and always enjoy it both on the tv and internet but i want to recieve your free magazines and articles for more knowledge please do more research works and update me.
Posted by: emma
13/10/2009 06:29 AM

We booked several tours and excursions all over South America with Southern Explorations. In every case the prices were reasonable and the guides were knowledgeable and fun to be with. The trips would not have been as interesting or exciting without Southern Explorations.
Posted by: Stuart R. Ellins
28/08/2009 12:40 PM

We booked a trip to the Galapagos with Southern Explorations and it couldn't have been better. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable and the accomadations were top notch. We were so pleased that we're already planning our next trip with SE to Costa Rica.
Posted by: Scott Kirby
28/08/2009 12:19 AM

You are right! Southern Explorations is the best the best travel company around. The hospitality and knowledge of their teams are amazing! We feel like we have another family in Peru - where we shared the Inca Trail and Lake Titicaca with them
Posted by: Lora Cocco
24/07/2009 04:26 PM

We had a trip of a lifetime. Attention to detail and our individual needs was excetional. The guides were very polite, would go out of there way to help and were extremely well informwd. We can not wait for our next adventure with Southern Explorations.
Posted by: Lawrence Laycob
23/07/2009 11:18 PM

We had a awesome trip with them to Costa Rica. Great information, options, customization, and friendly service. They really went out of thier way to make our trip excellent. I would use them again!
Posted by: Kim Gelfond
26/02/2009 03:11 PM