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I've hiked and explored amazing Turkey, the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, the Scotish Highlands, beautiful Death Valley, down into the Grand Canyon, across Sedona, the trails and tastes of Provance and snowshoed and skied through the Tetons and Yellowstone with REI Adventures and their great guides. They have all been amazing journeys and I look forward to more. I just saw a trip to Mt. Etna, l'd love to go to Mongolia, and so many more places.
Posted by: Sabine Schramm
04/10/2009 11:44 AM

I've been on half a dozen trips with REI Adventures, going on another in November - obviously I like them. Activities as posted on web. Mostly small group of reasonably actively-inclined Americans, mostly age late 20's - 50's. Great for single traveler looking for activity (not romance). Cheaper than some others in category because lodgings moderate. Uses local guide companies. Croatia trip looks like lots of fun - I may go next year.
Posted by: Anonymous
31/05/2009 12:52 AM

It's Havasu in Arizona.
Posted by: Anonymous
23/05/2009 08:34 PM

I'm looking for feedback on their trips. I can't find any third party reviews and hesitate to go without real testimonials. I have booked croatia but can still cancel.. Any real life comments?
Posted by: Monica
07/05/2009 04:23 PM

Have done three trips with REI on to the Amazon in Peru, one to Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountanin and on the Bryce and Zion NP. All three were great. They have something for everyone.
Posted by: Steve B
24/03/2009 11:54 AM

What is the name of this place pictured in this window (link pasted under website)? Thanks.
Posted by: T Lamm
22/03/2009 04:11 PM