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I have used Wilderness Travel 3 times, all with great results, they take care of all the details allowing you to experience more than you would on your own. There guides are well versed and experienced in the local cultures, allowing a greater interaction with the people and culture. If you want soft and cushy choose another company. If you want a real TREKING experience this is the company to use. This company is dedicated to providing the best treking experience possible.
Posted by: Jeff Smithcamp
09/11/2009 12:47 AM

We have taken 8 Wilderness Travel trips, all have been Europe. They were all great. The guides are knowledgeable, fun and very much on top of things. Most of our trips have been 3s, 4s or 5s. Being fit helps a lot.
Posted by: Polly
08/09/2009 06:22 PM

I have taken 2 wilderness travel trips. Machu Picchu off the beaten track camping, it was great. I also did their Patagonia and was quite disappointed in the trip execution/logistics.
Posted by: laura
01/07/2009 08:35 PM