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Just returned,10/07/09, and I absolutely loved every minute that Gamewatchers arranged. If you are looking for a true African experience ,this it! We had wonderful, knowledgable Maasai warriors as guides who knew where the animals were. We were literally 1-10 ft. from prides of lions, zebras, wildebeasts, cheetahs-incredible!!Superior food and luxury tents with plenty of hot water bucket showers. Why go to Africa and stay in a hotel? This was the best!
Posted by: Bill Bosworth
20/10/2009 10:38 AM

Gamewatchers - the tents, service, and food are exceptional, but it is the people. We spent all day in the bush with a picnic with our Maasai Guides. Their innate knowledge and love of the land and animals taught us things we would never have known. With Gamewatchers there is no timetable, we would stop, watch the animals as we talked about the land, the drought and the lives and traditions of the Maasai. Extraordinary people, now great friends. Thank you Gamewatchers, we will be back.
Posted by: Priscilla Bosworth
18/10/2009 02:01 PM