Team Member Biography
Dave Hahn
Photo: Dave Hahn
Photograph by Jake Norton

Dave Hahn’s ten summits—so far—of Everest are the most of any non-Sherpa in recorded history. A guide with Rainier Mountaineering, Inc., since 1986, he has twice received prestigious awards for rescue work. In 2001, he was named Denali Pro Mountaineer of the Year for his aid on Mount McKinley. That same year, the American Alpine Club gave him the David A. Sowles Memorial Award for his saves on Everest. During the winter months, Hahn works as a ski patroller in Taos, New Mexico.

Climbing Highlights

  • 250+ summits of Rainier (14,410 feet/4,392 meters)
  • 26 summits of Vinson (16,050 feet/4,892 meters)—world record for Antarctica’s highest peak
  • 18 summits of Denali (20,320 feet/6,194 meters)
  • 10 summits of Everest (29,035 feet/8,850 meters)
  • 2 summits of Cho Oyu (26,906 feet/8,201 meters)


  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • U.S. Avalanche Level II

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