Team Member Biography
Melissa Arnot
Photo: Melissa Arnot
Photograph by Jake Norton

Melissa Arnot already had a career teaching wilderness medicine when she became a professional mountain guide in 2004. Two years later, she was a lead guide. A native of Montana, she’s a skilled rock climber and ice leader. Her passions for climbing, teaching, and taking care of others have taken her all over the world helping people test their limits in the safest way possible, while still having fun. As part of EVEREST TEAM INSPI(RED), she summited Everest in 2008 to raise awareness of (RED) and its work to help those suffering from HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Climbing Highlights

  • 73 summits of Rainier (14,410 feet/4,392 meters)
  • 1 expedition on Denali (20,320 feet/6,194 meters)
  • 4 expeditions on Cotopaxi (19,348 feet/5,897 meters)
  • 3 expeditions on Cayambe (18,997 feet/5,790 meters)
  • 4 expeditions on Aconcagua (22,841 feet/6,962 meters)
  • 1 summit of Everest, South Col (29,035 feet/8,850 meters)


  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate
  • Emergency Medical Technician Instructor
  • Basic Life Support Instructor
  • U.S. Avalanche Level II
  • Leave No Trace Trainer

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