Return to Everest

In spring 2009, four of the most accomplished climbers in the world had just one thing on their minds: conquering Mount Everest—again.

The team, sponsored by Eddie Bauer's First Ascent Clothing and Gear Line, began its ascent on March 30. Over the next two months, the climbers made their way up the world's tallest mountain in dangerous conditions, fighting hypothermia, altitude sickness, and sheer physical exhaustion to achieve something few can boast.

Mountaineer Peter Whittaker gathered the group as part of a quest to continue his family legacy; he is the nephew of legendary explorer Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mount Everest in 1963. Joining Whittaker was Ed Viesturs, a veteran mountaineer who has summitted all 14 of the world's highest peaks without the aid of bottled oxygen; Dave Hahn, who was going for a record 11th Everest ascent; and Melissa Arnot, who was attempting to become the first female American to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen.

Follow the team's progress up the mountain through dispatches, photos, and videos—direct from Everest.