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Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak PLUS

A pocket survival kit that really could save your life! The Pocket Survival Pak PLUS from Adventure Medical contains a collection of survival tools for when you find yourself abandoned, stranded, or lost in the outdoors. Keep it in your pocket, or on your person, because, "If it isn't with you, it can't save you." The Pocket Survival Pakis for backpackers, hunters, pilots, snowmobilers, hikers, or anyone who enjoys the great outdoors!

  • RF-welded, waterproof carry pouch
  • 20mm, liquid filled compass
  • Instructions specific to items in the kit
  • Tools to make shelter, trap/catch food, start fire, signal, and more
  • Contents: Duct Tape 1 Duct Tape, 2" x 26", Instrument 1 Pencil 4 Safety Pins, Sewing 1 Sewing Needle, #18, Chenille 1 Sewing Thread, Bobbin #69, Nylon , Survival Instructions 1 Waterproof Survival Instructions , Survival Tools 1 Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 3 Sq. Ft. 1 Compass, Button, Liquid Filled 4 Fish Hook, #10 1 Fresnel Magnifier 10 Nylon Cord, #18, Braided, (10 ft. 100lb test) 1 Pocket Survival Pak Contents List 6 Safety Wire, Stainless Steel, (6 ft of 0.020") 1 Scalpel Sterile, Disposable, #22 Blade 1 Signal Mirror, Rescue Flash 1 Snap Swivel, Size 12 1 Spark-Lite 2 Split Shot, Lead B 4 Tinder Quick 1 Waterproof Paper 1 Whistle, Rescue Howler
  • Size: 4" x 5" x 0.652"
  • Weight: 5 oz.

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