Aire Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak


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Aire Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak

An ideal craft for paddling on lakes, bays and easy rivers. The AIRE Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak even comes with a removable skeg to help you paddle a straight course. The ribbed floor chambers and removable skeg work well to assist smooth flatwater paddling and improve tracking. An inflatable IK like the Sawtooth stores easily and packs small for transporting. Comes with a comfortable seat that can be located anywhere along the boat. A second seat can be added for trips with a partner.

  • Lenth:13' 3"
  • Width:32"
  • Weight:54 lbs
  • Center Compartment:13.25"
  • Kick/Rocker (Bow/Stern):12"
  • Number of Air Chambers:3
  • ValveType:Summit II
  • Weight/Denier of Tube Fabric:31/900
  • Weight/Denier of Floor Fabric:31/1200
  • Number of D-Rings:2
  • Number of Handles:2
  • Load Capacity:400 lb
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Includes repair kit
  • Removable skeg

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Hugh Jackson - September 18 2009

Good Value
I bought one of these boats for my wife originally so that she could enjoy kayaking without having to worry about a large heavy boat. Also we could stow it easily on our yacht. It has worked out to be a real treat- much more than I expected and that's from somebody who has been a kayaker for more years than I want to count - it paddles well with good run - more run than you would expect for an inflatable. Very comfortable too in our subtropical climate. I was so impressed I bought a second one so that we could both enjoy them together. I can't comment on how long the material will last but from what I can see these boats are well made of durable material. You just have to remember to get a 12 volt high volume low pressure pump though (I only bought a cheapie too) because otherwise you'll be there all day pumping up the three bladders (in my case 6!!!). To be fair I enjoy the Sawtooth more than my hard TK1 because of its versatility. I just wish I had the inflatable when I was last in Vanuatu - I would have seen a lot more of the place that way. What I really enjoy is the fact that I can lay back and just relax like I am on an inflatable airbed. Try that in a hard skinned boat whether it is a "sit in" or "sit on". The molding or the small hole that you sit in makes that impossible. I used to have to go ashore to lay down if my back got sore from paddling. Now I can enjoy laying back and experiencing the mesmerizing sensation of the water on the boat. Very nice......and relaxing. Good for a sun tan too if you need one.

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