Bern Men's Watts Helmet

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Bern Men's Watts Helmet

Your one-helmet-fits all head protection, the Bern Men's Watts Helmet has an eye-shading visor to fend off sunlight or snowflakes and a snap-in clip system that lets you remove the cold-weather liner so you can use it in any season. Constructed with a burly ABS shell with multiple-impact Brock soft foam inside, this Bern Hard Hat style helmet does not meet action sports head protection requirements but it will shield your dome during multiple low force impacts and may prevent minor concussions. Improving on the Baker helmet, the Watts has top and back vents to keep your head cool while skiing or snowboarding and features a SINH FIT low-profile design so you dont look like a bobbin head statue on a dash board as you session the jump line. Keep your steez and your head intact when youre wearing the Bern Watts Snow Helmet for men.

  • Burly ABS Shell with patented Brock soft foam
  • Shell: Thicker ABS shell specifically designed for Brock foam
  • Impact Foam: Soft and breathable Brock foam for multiple low-impact protection
  • Brock is open cell foam which allows air to circulate through the foam and out the lid, keeping you cool and dry
  • Features the SINH FIT™ low-profile design, so the helmet doesn't feel like it's sitting above your head
  • Rear clip keeps goggle strap from sliding
  • Adjustable chinstrap keeps helmet firmly and comfortably in place
  • Standards: does not meet action sports head protection standards; designed to protect against multiple lower force impacts and may prevent concussions when hard foam helmets will not
  • Weight: 17.7 oz

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4 Star Rating


5 Stars YetiMonk - February 12 2012

The industry standard.
The Bern Watts helmet is actually a "Hard Hat". This protective piece of snowsports equipment can take multiple blows without a problem. The fit is tight, I have a medium sized head with most hats/headware and wear a large Bern Hard Hat, it fits great. The Watts is a solid investment for your safety and the company has different standards then most helmet companies. Do your own research on Bern and try some Hard Hats on. The style is unmatched, people who wear a Bern have done their homework. The interior hat with ear flaps is awesome. Plus, the whole interior set up comes out for spring time. I am seeing more and more Bern Hard hats on ski industry professionals. The look is very "Pro" and the color combos are awesome. Very basic, almost too cool, I love Bern!

5 Stars Sturminator - December 27 2011

Watts Helmet - Good To Go
This is my 3rd Watts Helmet. That should tell you how much I like this product. I have purchased 2 for myself and 1 for my son. They fit true to form and are very comfortable. Though this is not the most technically advanced helmet design on the market, they last forever and for the price point, you can't go wrong.

5 Stars SilentWaveLiquidMountain - December 8 2011

I Love this helmet! It is low profile, fits well with a variety of goggles. The replaceable goggle clip on the back is a plus. The ventilation and insulating cap work together pretty well to keep things cool when you're moving, and keep your head warm when you're freezing.

5 Stars MPowers1634 - October 18 2011

Berns Watts is a Must-Buy
Helmets are all about function and how well they protect and secure what's inside, right? Of course they are, but the Berns Watts is also about form in a BIG way! I ordered mine last week intent on wearing it for snowboarding this Winter. Impatiently, i decided to take it out for an off-road spin mountain biking. I barely knew it was on my head, while it wicked away all sweat. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good-looking helmet that also delivers on protection!

5 Stars stuff - May 5 2011

really cool !
bern watts helmet is relly good stuff. Just picked up the Watts hardhat in matte black gray white. It looks great. One of the most low-profile protective lids I've found. My Anon hawkeye goggles seem to fit well with the helmet A drawback for some could be that it's not technically a "helmet", i.e. it doesn't meet the testing standards necessary to certify it as a high-impact protective helmet. For me, I currently ride with no head protection, so even this "hardhat" is 1000% better than my current situation. I'm also not chucking myself off of huge jumps though, so the worst I expect is a little tumble down the hill or off a flat-down box. I would have liked to see some adjustability built in but there is none. You just have to pick the closest size for your head and live with it possibly being a little too loose or a little too snug. Competitors' helmets go for less cash and have more adjustment capability.

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