Bern Watts Summer Helmet

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Bern Watts Summer Helmet

When the heat begins to rise and you've got the sun in your face, you'll be glad you have the vented Bern Watts Summer Helmet with a functional visor for superior performance. The low profile designed with the Sink Fit allows you to take advantage of Bern's superior protection without having an obtuse helmet clanking around when you're trying to stomp your tricks. The Bern Watts Summer Helmet is a must have for any skater or biker that wants superior protection without the risk of overheating. It is made with Brock soft foam for multiple low-impact protection and does not meet action sports head protection standards.

  • Burly ABS Shell with patented Brock soft foam
  • Shell: Thicker ABS shell specifically designed for Brock foam
  • Impact Foam: Soft and breathable Brock foam for multiple low-impact protection
  • Features: Brock is open cell foam which allows air to circulate through the foam and out the lid, keeping you cool and dry.
  • Low Profile
  • Built in vents
  • Functional Visor
  • Sink In Fit
  • Standards: this helmet does not meet action sports head protection standards. It is designed to protect against multiple lower force impacts and may prevent concussions when hard foam helmets will not.
  • Weight: 17.7 oz

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars - September 30 2011

Good all around helmet.
You can use it anywhere, I used it in the water kiteboarding, while riding my bike, good all around helmet. Its light weight and will probably last forever.

5 Stars Hoopy - September 11 2011

The only bike helmet I will wear
Note that this version of the Bern Watts is listed as a "hard-hat". If you want a CPSC certified helmet I believe you want the Watts EPS version. However, I don't think they make the EPS version in the XXL size, which is the one I needed. I bought this to use as a bike helmet for daily commuting. I think all bike helmets look goofy, and the BERN helmets are the only ones I am willing to wear. I am very satisfied with it. The quality is very good. I have only 2 minor complaints. The helmet is a little hot to wear if you are not moving in direct sun. However, once you start moving there is great airflow through the helmet and you cool down quickly. The second issue is that I feel it is a little heavy, although I am getting used to it.

5 Stars melonheads - August 24 2011

XXL Helmets
Thank God I found a helmet that fits our family of "melon heads"! My three kids have inherited my size 8 melon. It was impossible to find any cool looking helmet they would wear that fit their heads. The Watts Summer Helmet is the first helmet I have found that fits my cranium like it should. My kids refuse to wear any helmets I have purchased in the past because they were way too small. This helmet not only fits great...but it doesn't make you look like "Gazoo"from the Flintstones. It comes in a variety of decent colours and I really like the built in sun visor. Although I bought this helmet primarily for cycling, I plan to use it for snowboarding as well. Quality and design superior to any others I have tried. We are all very satisfied with this helmet.

5 Stars R2V2 - August 7 2011

Bern means quality and innovation!
The Brock foam liner that Bern uses in the Summer Watts helmet is a marvel. It truly breathes well and it works. This is the only helmet I will wear for my Summer riding.

5 Stars MTBNashville - July 8 2011

Awesome Helmet!
I would recommend this helmet to anyone who wants to get away from wearing the standard looking bike helmet. It is lightweight and is the most comfortable mountain bike helmet I have used thus far. An added bonus that I didn't read in the other reviews before purchasing was the fact that it comes with the Brock padding which helps with cooling and also keeps you drier than other helmet padding. Another benefit of the style is that it can be used for other outdoor sports. I plan on also using mine while kayaking and rock climbing.

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