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Black Diamond Equipment Contour Elliptic Trekking Poles

The versatile three-section Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Trekking Poles are the ideal hiking, trekking, snowshoeing and even backcountry skiing poles. The elliptical shaft and grip shape adds strength and ergonomic comfort. Three-section adjustability makes them the ideal pole for traveling, because you can shorten them to fit on your day pack or to fit inside your travel duffel. The 15-degree corrective angle grips are easy on your wrists and promote a natural stride whether you are hiking or nordic skiing, and the double FlickLock adjusters are easy to use for quick length adjustments. If you have not hiked with ski poles before, you are in for a treat. The added balance and stability a good set of trekking poles provides is priceless. The convenience of three-section adjustability just adds versatility. Backcountry snowboarders will dig the three-section poles because they stow easily on your pack during the descent.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dual-density grip top and 360-degree padded webbing strap
  • 15-degree corrective angle grips
  • Double FlickLocks
  • Elliptic shape for ergonomic comfort and strength
  • Short Flex Tips, low-profile Trekking Baskets and Powder Baskets
  • Compact model is a shorter, 125 cm version with reduced grip size
  • Usable Length: 76-140 cm, 30-55 in
  • Collapsed Length: 70 cm, 27 in
  • Weight Per Pair: 564 g, 1 lb 4 oz

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars akbeachcomber - January 26 2011

Very Nice Poles
I really like these poles. Easy to adjust with mittens on. The lock is real secure, don't think there will be any issue with slipping. Only used them one day so far but looking forward to many, many snowshoeing excursions with these poles! Nice pole for the price.

5 Stars Shopper - May 9 2010

Strong, Light and Comfortable.
I never had an interest in trekking poles until I borrowed my friends on a couple of week long backpacking trips and I had to get my own. I've put a couple hundred miles on them and besides some scuffs and scratches they are in great shape. The elliptical design definitely adds strength. I've had buddies who have used cheaper poles and they've bent or fell apart. The grips and webbing are super comfortable and have never caused any discomfort or chaffing even walking 20+ mile days in the middle of summer. I've even used these along with a tarp to make shelter and never had any problems. Definitely recommended.

5 Stars Terence - February 18 2009

Nothing short of brilliant
I was out on an 8 day trek in the Tasmanian wilderness when my left foot had a bout of gout. It was immensely painful whenever I put pressure on it but for the sake of completing the hike, I had to go on. Without the aid of my new Black Diamond poles, I don't think I would've been able to complete the hike. I had to put so much pressure on the poles to traverse over undulating terrain on ascents/descents that there were points I thought they would buckle and crack. But they held up supremely well and are deserving of the 5 star rating.

4 Stars SurvivalHiker - January 19 2011

Good, but could be better
Well, when I first received these I couldn't wait to get on on the trail, so I drove down to the closest park and set off. I stated to notice a rattle/awkward noise coming from one of them so I email altrec and they said to take it apart and see what was wrong, well the plastic cap the goes on top of each individual pole piece had come off and was stock to the top so when the pole hit the ground it made that awkward noise because of the vibration. This was due to a bad glue job on the poles. So I sent them pack and they sent me a pair of new ones. AWESOME. I use them snowshoeing and they work perfect. I take extreme caution adjusting the poles because I don't want to pull them apart and have a problem life before, but hopefully by now the glue has settled. But for the price I got them they were a good choice and I only wish black diamond used better glue.

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