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Dry Guy Thermanator Boot and Glove Dryer

The Dry Guy Thermanator Boot and Glove Dryer is designed with a silent radiant heating system and able to accommodate four or eight shoes or boots that can be rapidly loaded or unloaded for perfect mud room operations. The Thermanator provides a modular drying system with three mounting options (wall, floor, and free standing hardware) that can organize any condo, shop or cabin allowing for a drying system from 2 to 200 pairs of shoes or boots. Available in 2 or 4 pair model. For use in your Garage, Mud Room, Front Porch or Vacation Homes wherever boots and shoes collect.

  • Silent radiant heating
  • Includes 3 mounting options
  • No moving parts
  • Energy efficient: 7.5 watts per boot
  • On/off switch
  • Available as a two pair or four pair model
  • Power - 120 volt AC household outlet
  • Controls - On/Off
  • Size - DG2 - 1"D x 18"H x 26.5"W (when stand mounted)
  • Size - DG2+2 - 1"D x 18"H x53.5"W (when stand mounted)
  • Weight - 8 lbs.

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4 Star Rating


5 Stars Crackfox7 - December 2 2011

Genius Design
When the weather in Afghanistan gets miserable, well all life gets miserable. Sleet, Rain, Snow all of it making toes and fingers wet and cold. The snow was calf deep and my boots were getting soaked through down to my soaks then my toes were so cold I thought they would break off. I looked at more boot dryers than I care to admit before I decided to go with the Thermanator. The key selling point was the silent operation as I live in a tent with 11 other Soldiers. Once the dryer arrived, the assembly was super simple. I simply put the boots on and quickly the boots are dry. I can rotate boots about whenever I need and never have cold toes again. Great thing is, you can throw boots on when you go to sleep and wake up to a warmed pair of boots. Drying time is pretty fast as a moderately soaked boot will be bone dry in about 2 hours. It is completely silent as well, only way you know it is on is either touch it or see the little amber light. I'm pretty sure I haven't turned it off since I got it. Socks, Gloves, Boots, Tennis Shoes, Five Fingers, all of it dried. One of the best purchases I have made.

3 Stars Altrec.com Shopper - August 9 2009

Requires extended drying time
I bought this dryer to dry my leather military boots since they constantly get wet in the field. It consistently takes more than eight hours for the boots to dry when they're fully wet for boots with no lining or inserts, which is disappointing. Because this unit doesn't circulate dry air through the interior of the boot, it doesn't work as quickly as units that use the forced air method for drying. It does an adequate job if you have plenty of time to leave the boots drying, if they're not terribly wet, or if you have multiple pairs of boots, but a unit that circulates air works significantly better for a single pair of boots that must be dry the next day.

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