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Exped Coupler Kit

It's called the gap of cold. It mysteriously materializes in the middle of the night between two sleeping pads--and the occupant who rolls into the gap first is subjected to the hard, cold realities of slippery camping and backpacking mattresses. Exped's Coupler Kit features two nylon straps that eliminate the gap of cold even with mattresses of varied proportions. A handy hook-and-loop design allows you to adjust the sizing of varied mattress lengths and widths, even if the mattress isn't made by Exped. When you're ready to break camp, roll up the Exped Coupler Kit and stick it in your pocket or backpack pouch. We can't guarantee you marital bliss on your backpacking trip, but the Exped Coupler Kit can keep both of you closer together throughout the night.

  • Rugged and lightweight nylon straps with hook and loop tabs
  • Tabs are varied to help secure the Coupler Kit straps to mats of various sizes
  • Straps roll up and stow away in any small pouch or pocket
  • Weight: 2.1 oz. (60 g.)

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Perigee - June 21 2011

Finally, a great coupler!
I am extremely pleased with this coupler kit. At long last! My wife & I bought a new tent, thick self-inflating sleeping pads from the leading-brand company, & some bags. Wanting to avoid either of us waking in the middle of the night on the floor of the tent(!) while still being able to snuggle close, I researched several options before I arrived at this product. I was worried a bit because our sleeping pads are rather luxurious & thicker than probably the average, but the coupler kit works great, is easy to attach & use, & works perfectly. I highly recommend it, especially after reading so many disappointing reviews concerning other coupler kits on the market. The straps do come in a really sweet little bag, which does remain attached to one of the straps so it doesn't get lost. Although it can then be tucked beneath one of the pads & is out of sight & definitely won't, then, get lost, I would rather, in all honesty, wish it was separate from the straps only because I don't like loose fabric hanging from any of my gear. But this is a very minor thing, & like I said, it tucks conveniently beneath one of the pads & is never seen (or lost!). A great product! I highly recommend.

5 Stars Disorder - March 28 2011

Works as advertised, works well.
This item is very simple so there really isn't much to say about it. It works great, it seems to be a durable product that will last a very long time. Basically just 2 giant velcro straps that are sewn in the middle in such a fashion that it causes 2 sleeping pads to be pulled snuggly together. They butt up to each other side to side, not even the slightest dip in the middle between the 2 pads. I've used this item with some self inflating air pads with great success. Definitely worth getting if you want to eliminate a the cold canyon that often forms between pads, keeping more of your body heat where it belongs. Comes with a very lightweight water repellent pouch that is sewn into one of the 2 straps for easy storage, can be cut off if you are an ultra-minimalist without affecting the performance of the product.

5 Stars sherry sontag - June 28 2009

Terrific addition to exped sleeping matts
The kids and I living room camp several times a week in Summer. and this makes it possible to share one tent for the three of us without mom falling in the hole in the middle. Love these couplers.

5 Stars Joy - June 2 2007

So worth it!!!!
Works Great!! We love it. Pads stay together with no slipping apart. Great Product!!

4 Stars NYskiMom - July 31 2011

so simple, yet worth it
In an effort to minimize the amount of stuff we bring camping, we got this to strap two mats together to allow our three young children to sleep across them lengthwise. Worked perfectly! First off, can't say enough about the Exped mats to begin with -- they just are hands down the best out there. Won't ever go back to something else. This coupler kit is so simple looking that at first I thought, "That's it?!" and wondered if I made a mistake in getting it. Yes, I could have jerry-rigged something like it myself, but honestly they did it better than I could ever do. $20 for it is a little pricey, but at least it is well designed and thought out. Definitely works well for its function.

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