Ibex Men's Woolies Crew

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Ibex Men's Woolies Crew

As much as you like your silky baselayers, there's not much heat retention for those cool climbing, skiing, backpacking, snowshoeing excursions in the middle of winter. If your internal thermostat tends to run a little on the warm side, microfleece layering can be a bit stifling on extended trips. The Ibex Woolies Crew is a natural alternative to technical layering, but it doesn't rub you the wrong way when you wear it against your skin. This Woolies Crew is made with Ibex's proven 18.5 micron Merino wool fabric, a great lightweight rib material that's machine washable and incredibly soft. Unlike some fabrics that are chemically treated to facilitate moisture transfer, Merino wool is naturally moisture wicking, so you never lose the performance no matter how many times you launder. The cut is contoured to hug your torso without hindering your winter layering possibilities. Find out what hikers, climbers and anglers have known for several years--this Ibex Woolies Crew has a comfortable Merino fiber that's anything but baa-a-a-a-d.

  • Lightweight New Zealand 18.5-micron superfine Merino wool rib fabric
  • Crew neck and raglan sleeve construction with smooth flatlock seams
  • Layering-friendly, body hugging fit
  • Easy care wash instructions
  • Weight: 6.2 oz.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars MastersTriGuy - December 13 2011

Great Base Layer!
Fits snuggly, but not as tight as compression. Excellent base layer, and wicks moisture fairly well. Ibex products (which are a bit pricey) are top-notch, and this is no exception.

5 Stars nbarnard36 - October 16 2011

The best baselayer for me
I've really enjoyed using merino wool for my baselayers and light midlayers for a little over a year now, and Ibex's woolies line are my favorites (at least the tops, the woolies bottoms currently are made with a too tight waistband even sizing up, while other ibex bottoms fit perfectly for me in medium). Due to the particular weave of these garments, they fit my form better, without feeling restrictive, and this helps me feel warmer, as the fabric remains in contact with my skin. This also helps the fabric dry off as there is no excess of fabric to hang away from your skin, and your body warmth more efficiently evaporates the moisture. I am 6' tall with a 6' 4" wingspan tip to tip, 160 lbs. , and with many manufacturers' size medium and large, the sleeve length is too short, but with Ibex, a medium fits me great. So it will depend upon your body type for how well Ibex garments fit you, but for me, their sizing is ideal. The woolies line feels very soft, and very breathable and comfortable. I would also recommend the short sleeve version of this shirt. If the garment (as with merino in general) feels itchy at all when first trying it on, a washing will make it feel softer.

5 Stars bctef - February 21 2011

Great base layer for cold weather aerobic activity
I use this as a base layer, underneath either a windbreaker or a long-sleeve t-shirt, for running in cool to cold weather. I am very happy with it. I like merino wool base layers primarily because they don't pick up sweat odor and can be worn a few times between washings (a nice feature when wearing for running twice a day every day). Note when I say "fits true to size" that the product description says it is "form-fitting." I am 5'10, 145 lbs, 38-inch chest, 32 sleeve, stereotypical "runner build" (large end of "small" on size chart), I bought a small, and it fits me basically the way it fits the model pictured (i.e., tight like the typical Under Armour "compression" fit). I have not found this to be itchy at all. Although the product description includes "moisture wicking," I don't find this (nor any other merino wool) base layer to actually keep me dry during intense running; however, it still keeps me sufficiently warm even when working up a sweat. I find synthetic base layers (polyester or polypropylene) to keep me more dry than this, but I still find this to be at least as warm if not warmer (and again, for me, not stinking of sweat is the key feature). My only question or doubt is the durability. I've only had it for a couple weeks, and it's so thin that I just can't help but fear that I'll rip it when I'm taking it off (again, it's pretty tight). It is still in good condition and shows no wear, but I just can't help but wonder how something so thin and "delicate feeling" will hold up over time. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so I'm not too worried about it.

5 Stars Cozy - January 1 2011

Great base layer
Love the functionality of wool over synthetics. This is comfortable next to skin. The wrist is great - stays in place / tight to skin withotu any bunching under additional layers.

5 Stars collegesailor - December 26 2010

this shirt made winter sailing comfortable
As a college sailor on Lake Michigan, keeping warm when there's ice in the boats is expensive and often uncomfortable. This shirt changed that - now I'm always comfortable. It never smells, so it is perfect to layer underneath warm sweaters and wash once a month. It's perfectly breathable, so it always keeps me dry, even under a chunky drysuit. Best part is how comfortable it is -- just like having a soft blanket woven around you at all times. It really is an all-year piece of clothing, and though it's a bit of an investment, it's the most versatile high-performing fabric out there.

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