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Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak

The Safari is a new dual purpose concept in inflatable design. Self-bailing, definite rocker, slight keel, compact size and low profile combine to provide a sophisticated and technical paddling experience on whitewater, ocean surf, placid rivers and lakes. When firmly inflated, the Safari's side tubes and self-bailing floor create a rigid, integrated hull that delivers surfing and turn carving performance comparable to hard-shell kayaks. Included thighstraps provide precise control and allow Eskimo rolling as well.

  • 1,200-denier NitrylonT
  • 220 lb./1 person capacity
  • Drybag backpack and repair kit included
  • Foot Air Pump available separately
  • 10 x 17 x 20 in. packed
  • 10 ft. x 28 in.
  • 24 lb.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Jeffrey Schofield - January 12 2010

paddling it is easy with the fin.
I tried paddling it in the ocean without the fin, and found it did not track easily. With the fin I could get it going quick enough the make waves.

5 Stars Josh - September 22 2008

If you want the best all around IK for the've found
Have had my two for over 5 years. The preceding Mark II version with interchangeable seats. Taken them down class III whitewater fully loaded, fish off it regularly, surf it every week at Venice Beach (something it does very well), hike it into the Sierras for a little backcountry fishing, you name it. Thanks to religious use of 303 Protectant the things still looks brand new. For those unhappy with the small amount of water in the boat, plain old duct tape (I get it in black) over the scupper holes will solve this in less than 10 minutes and will easily come back off if you need it to self bail again. Really easy to swim off of. Every time I put these on the water somebody asks where I got them and who makes them. Money well spent.

5 Stars Shopper - September 9 2008

excellent flat water boat, and a heck of a tippy whitwater kayak
My spouse and I got two of these about 5 years ago and have loved them. We mostly use them on flatwater - our local reservoirs and on Lake Tahoe in California. They track super well with the fin and are very fast - faster than the SOT kayaks we used to rent. These Safari's can easily take the whitecaps that form on Lake Tahoe when the wind picks up - much better than the rented sit-on-tops can. There is also a lot of storage space on these kayaks, along with bungee lacing at bow and stern for securing your stuff. Note that the manufacturer's max weight for these kayaks is 220 lbs though. My brother-in-law who is 280 sits real low in the water. Re-entry from shallow water is easy because the boat is so narrow, but re-entry from deep water takes practice because the kayak rolls over real easy. If you want a swimming kayak that you jump off and get back on, then get an Innova Summy instead. The Safari's are tippy and you're also going to get some water around your butt from the scupper holes. The Safaris are one of the few inflateables that are self-bailing. You can use them on white water if you are EXPERIENCED and don't mind swimming, because you can easily and will tip over on all but the mildest rivers. I've never been able to successfully roll it, but you supposedly can and it is equipped with thighstraps. Set up and inflation is quick and easy if you're in practice. The first time each season can be frustrating. We usually practice 2 or 3 times at the first of the season before going out. If you are in practice, you're all set in about 10 minutes. My firend is still levering his hardshell off the top of his car when we're already walking to the water's edge. Oh yeah, and the Safari's are so light compared to a hardshell. And you just throw them in the back of teh car. The material of the Safari is tough and can take a lot of abuse from rocks and such without problem. We use 303 protectant after each use and let them dry completely before folding and storing them again. Very very cool boats!!!

5 Stars Shopper - March 27 2007

I love this boat
Great boat, excellent, though materials, fits into a small bag. I dont feel it as tippy as I have read in some reviews. It's fast and it's easy to keep on its tracks, even without the fin.

5 Stars Lee - March 15 2006

Great little kayak
Not too big, not too small. Take any where. I got 3 plastic SOT kayak, 1 Folbot foldable kayak. This got to be the easiest to make it to my trip. Good for fun paddle, lazy fishing trip etc. Not desinged for speed, fast set up time , very easy for my bad shoulder to carry. A keeper.

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