Innova Traveller Inflatable Kayak


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Innova Traveller Inflatable Kayak

This single inflatable kayak is designed for both touring and wild rapids. Along with its high performance hull shape, the Traveller also incorporates an inflatable deck with a semi-rigid cockpit coaming and a sprayskirt. The deck provides additional rigidity, dryness and warmth for the trekker who wishes to paddle in harsher conditions.

  • 220 lb./1 person capacity
  • 1,200-denier NitrylonT
  • Drybag backpack and repair kit included
  • Foot Air Pump available separately
  • 10 x 17 x 20 in. packed
  • 10 ft. x 28 in.
  • 30 lb.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Tim Rosenhan--Innova Kayak - June 24 2010

Great whitewater kayak for experienced kayakers
The Innova Traveller was designed for up to Class IV whitewater and is used extensively in Europe for "big whitewater." It can be used, of course, in flat water conditions, but the design intent was to have a portable kayak for experienced whitewater paddlers. The deck is provided not so much to keep the paddler dry and warm, but to keep the kayak at a constant buoyancy and to maintain its agility when in big whitewater waves. Open-decked self-bailing kayaks carry a volume of water with them in rough conditions and this makes them sluggish compared to the Traveler. The Traveller is quite maneuverable but tippy compared to self-bailing duckies like the AIRE Lynx. It's not a kayak that I would recommend to a new paddler. However, in the hands of a whitewater kayaker, the Traveller is amazing in technical conditions, and a team of Czechs took Travellers down the Zambezi River. I have seen paddlers Eskimo roll the Traveller using a "hand roll" without a paddle. Because it vaguely resembles a sea kayak with its deck and cockpit, some people have thought that touring is its main purpose. Instead, the Traveller should be thought of as a special purpose whitewater kayak. Whereas a duckie paddles like a mini-raft, the Traveller paddles like a portable whitewater slalom kayak.

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