Julbo Women's Whoops Sunglasses (w/ Polarized 3 Lenses)


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Julbo Women's Whoops Sunglasses (w/ Polarized 3 Lenses)

Designed to fit smaller face shapes with curved stems and full coverage, the Julbo Women's Whoops Sunglasses (w/ Polarized 3 Lenses) can take on all terrain. Polarized lenses reduce glare from relfective surfaces like water, snow and pavement. Recommended for mountain biking, trail biking, climbing and driving.

  • Curved, wrapping temples shaped and cut for better hold with sharp and repeated movements
  • Styled for smaller face shapes
  • Grip tech inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold, does not stick to hair
  • Category 3 protection
  • Visible light transmission rate: 12%
  • Developed for the Speed range and is ideal for mountain biking, trail running and climbing

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4 Star Rating


4 Stars Bee613 - May 24 2011

Good sunglasses
Oakley is a great product. I like the sunglasses part of the this product with the exception it is too big for my face. I have an Asian fit small frame face. I need something that would hold up and not slide down my face.

3 Stars JohnathanP - February 28 2011

Great product for light use!
I have used Julbo exclusively for the past 15 years. I love the innovations. I am obviously a guy and these glasses work for me because I have a narrow face and these glasses are designed for a more slender profile. They provide a great wrap around visual field. They sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose and do not dig in. The wrap around arms provides good grip so the glasses do not slide off. The frames even allow for Rx lenses which I had done to mine. The down fall to these glasses are the frames. I have owned 2 sets of these same frames and have broken both of them with a fall to the floor. I am not talking about a huge fall, maybe 3-4 feet. Obviously you do not want to drop glasses, but life happens. They might take a couple of falls however the rigid plastic construction shatters fairly easily. They are not built like many of the other Julbo glasses built for running, biking and mountaineering, which are built with the malleable plastic composite. I have a pair of the Julbo Race glasses which I use for running and mountain biking and they take a lot more abuse than these. I would say the Whoops! glasses are best suited for general life style. They also fog up pretty easy even if you use antifog sprays and cleaners. Other than the few negatives they are great for traveling and just kicking around town. I have even taken them on a few extended day kayak tours and they have performed well. Here is a picture of the frames after the first drop to the ground and the lenses both popped out. I have them crazy glued together, however you can see the large chips. I would like to reitereate, that this was the first time I dropped them.

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