Kayland Men's Zephyr Lightweight Hiking Boots


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Kayland Men's Zephyr Lightweight Hiking Boots

Can't decide which boots are right for the trip? Stop wondering and start hiking with the Kayland Zephyr Lightweight Hiking Boots - Men's, winner of the 2009 Backpacker Editors' Choice Award. This supportive, grippy, stable, light-weight, waterproof, and durable boot will blow you away. Designed for easy trekking and mountain walks, the Zephyr is lightweight and moves safely over any terrain.

  • Material: Breathable abrasion resistant textile upper with injected cage outer frame
  • Abrasion resistant toe and heel rand for added protection
  • eVENT® Cocona lining for moisture-wicking and breathability
  • eVent® fabrics consist of a patented waterproof membrane that also protects you from wind. Its unique composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential. Sweat vents directly to the outside of the fabric in one easy step. The patented fabric keeps water out without blocking those millions of tiny pores that let the sweat out
  • Cocana™ Natural Technology™ is an activated carbon derived from coconut shells. This material is superior to other materials because of its extreme hardness and extensive and uniform pore structure. No other activated carbon absorbs moisture better. Activated carbon made from coconut shells undergoes Cocona's patented process and is then extruded into man-made fiber. Kayland® chooses coconut activated carbon because it is a recycled, sustainable material. Cocana™ Natural Technology™ provides uv protection, evaporative cooling and comfort, while being odor resistant
  • Light insole and V-K midsole provide cushion and long-wear comfort
  • Active Last. Kayland® believes the fit of a shoe begins with the form and design of the last. Kayland® lasts are a replica of the human foot, around which the upper is stretched to give the boot its internal shape. For nearly 40 years, Kayland® has taken feedback from male and female athletes and mountaineers to develop a range of lasts to ensure an optimal combination of fit and performance
  • Lightweight and durable Vibram® Mars outsole provides comfort and shock absorption
  • Weight: 24.00 oz.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars GearPro - January 27 2012

Awesome hiking boots
These shoes are awesome. They provide good support and encorporate some of the best materials available. Very good quality even for the price. They are also probably one of the more versatile boots too.

5 Stars noone - October 16 2011

Backpackers choice and mine too
If you want an all around functional pair of boots for backpacking hiking , or everyday use these are it. My third pair of Kaylands an continue to think they are one of the best. Let's see- comfortable, run true to size, let your feet breath, repel wate and they look good. I even wear them for yard work, excellent find.

5 Stars Chrusch - June 22 2011

Truly waterproof & breathable!
Whats not been said about these boots already? If youre smart, youve already checked out Backpacker Magazines review of the boot when it won Editors Choice Award in 2009. I will attempt to give my humble review (even if it seems redundant) so folks who are on the fence about these boots take the leap. First off, waterproofing & breathability: Kayland intelligently uses Event fabric as the waterproofing membrane which is what makes the boot waterproof, breathable and light. Event is probably most known as the fabric used in Sea to Summits line of dry bags and compression sacks. Not only does it totally block water, even when submerged for hours, but you can watch and hear the air come out when you compress your bag. Try that with GoreTex Is it any wonder these boots block water and allow air to escape, keeping your feet dry? I have purposely hiked in ankle deep creeks just to see if theyd stand the test over long periods of exposure to water. They do indeed; each time my boots come off, my socks and feet were completely dry. I have even (accidentally) dunked my feet deeper then ankle level crossing more than one stream and stayed dry! After passing the water test, these boots out-performed other boots on wet rock and slick surfaces thanks to the Vibram sole (which I expect to last longer than the boots). As far as being light weight? Whatever theyve done, its been done right cause these boots do not sacrifice stability for less weight. Theres a durable polyurethane exo-skeleton that when laced, locks the boots extremely well on your foot, providing stability without being too rigid. This also makes them great when packing heavy loads as they wont bog your feet down like other bulky leather boots. Lastly, no additional inserts are needed. Kayland does a great job making the Zephyr ready to wear right out of the box. One warning though: be mindful of the size. Ive found them to fit snug so beware if you have wide feet.

5 Stars cincinnati - June 18 2011

Awesome boot
Very comfortable,and durable boot. I am an arborist and i climb everyday at work. I am amazed at the traction i get even on the slickest of limbs. Toe box is a bit tight,but after break in it's no sweat.

5 Stars EvergreenMonkey - February 12 2011

Brilliant Boots
I searched for quite a while to find hiking boots that were both affordable and stylish while maintaining absolute quality. The Zephyrs fit the bill. I wear them now as my winter boot and they are performing brilliantly. Warmer than my Tennies but never too warm, the eVent material is winning me over. My feet breath well and have yet to get wet (and I've made it point to walk through just about every puddle or snow bank I pass). The fit is great. A lot of people made some complaints about the tight toe box of the Zephyrs but being a climber used to stuffing my feet into shoes far too small for me I find them familiar and comfortable. The laces cinch down around my ankle great and I've experienced almost no ankle roll while maintaining all the mobility I need for a comfortable hike.

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