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Mammut Moses Carabiner

Weighing in at just 27 grams, one of the lightest carabiners on the market. The Moses is the ideal companion for mountaineering or whenever weight matters. Wiregate resists icing over.

  • Breaking load lengthwise: 23 kN
  • Breaking load across: 9 kN
  • Breaking load open: 8 kN
  • One of the lightest carabiners on the market
  • Wiregate resists icing over
  • Weight: 27 g.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Disorder - September 13 2011

Amazingly light!
I am not a climber so I cannot speak to the climbing performance of this biner, but I am an avid backpacker who appreciates lightweight gear. I typically carry 2 biners with me when backpacking, and recently came across these which are nearly 1 oz lighter each. They are amazingly light and boast the same kN ratings in both directions as the ones I was previously using. They are stamped as Made In Italy, and have a very slender profile. They are slightly smaller than the ones I was previously using, but by all means still a full sized carabiner.

5 Stars EPFTW - July 4 2011

nice small carabiner to use for anything and everything. most often i use this to clip my shoes to my bag or harness. i got a bunch and am always finding different uses for it.

5 Stars gggg - January 22 2011

Best small biner
In my opinion these are the best small biner out there. I use exclusively this biner on my rack, except if I want to color-code biners to match cams. They are just so light, they are narrow so you can fit a bunch on your harness, and the gate action is superb. I never feel any issues whatsoever clipping the rope. What's not to like?

5 Stars Todd E. - July 23 2010

Follow moses to the promised land...
These biners strike a good comprimise between weight, gate opening, and cost. I use them exclusively for alpine or 'yosemite' extendible trad draws. The Camp Nano 23s compare on price and are lighter but I prefer the feel and clip-ibility of the moses.

5 Stars Shopper - January 6 2010

Best biner ever?
This is certainly the best lightweight biner, maybe the best biner I've ever used. It's lighter than, or just about as light as, any other, but it's still almost as big as a normal biner. This makes its handling much improved over the micro biners. They even look really high quality! I'm slowly converting all my non-lockers to these.

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