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Mammut Slackline Set

Whether it's down time between climbing days in Patagonia, or up time at the city park, the Mammut Slackline Set is the perfect distraction. Featuring the first webbing specially constructed as a slackline, this line provides two different surfaces to give optimal traction. An innovative and light rigging system amplifies tensioning of the line, while enabling the ratchet to be removed through a unique locking system. This Set includes a handy shoulder bag, slackline, webbing clamp, ratchet, steel carabiner, special fixing system, diverse webbing for rigging and fixation. Enhance your balancing skills as you entertaining yourself, friends, and spectators in the fun and athletic world of slacklining.

  • The first webbing that has been specially constructed as a slackline
  • Durable webbing has two different surface structures which guarantee optimal performance
  • Innovative and light rigging system amplifies tensioning
  • Ratchet can be removed through a special fixing system.
  • Comes with a handy shoulder bag, slackline, webbing clamp, ratchet, steel carabiner, special fixing system, diverse webbing for rigging and fixation
  • Length: 20 m
  • Width: 28 mm

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4 Star Rating


5 Stars Shopper - April 6 2010

I've had the Mammut slackline kit for a few months now and have set it up dozens of times. The special webbing has a very unique feel and is great for long lines. Directions could be a little clearer but after the first time setting it up it's easy. It shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes if you know what you're doing. The orange wedge is difficult to get out occasionally. The longest struggle I had with it was only a short two minutes so not bad. Takedown is NOT difficult! Disregard other reviews if they say that. If you tie the right kind of knots then its easy to set up and take down. The ratchet makes it really easy to make the line as tight or loose as you want it.

5 Stars Vaughn T. - June 5 2009

Worth the price
I had some concern with the hefty price tag originally. As soon as I examined the unit, I could tell this would be something special however. This is the most well thought out unit Ive come across. Simple, Elegant even, and some serious quality components.

5 Stars y. yearwood - April 15 2009

Well built, easy set up, great to use. A couple small hitches.
Once you read the instructions well it is not problem to set up. Though the instructions could be a little clearer. It unit is strong and the web line offers good grip under the feet. Releasing the ratchet takes a little getting used to and the action is violent, so careful of your fingers. The plastic wedge can get stuck and hold you up for a long time when pulling down the device, so make sure the red connecting string does not get wedged also. Apart from those issues is would say the Mammut is a solid quality slack line that allows easy adjustment. 20M line length also offers excellent flexibility if you trees are far apart.

3 Stars Meg - September 6 2009

Good attempt, but the set needs a little fine tuning
I really like that theoretically, this slackline set could be set up by just me. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do that yet. My first problem is that I got the 2009 slackline kit, and it came with the 2008 instructions. I called toll free number for assistance with set up and was told that I just need to read the directions. When I asked a more specific question (should I be ratcheting the orange line or the black line) the guy hung up on me. The video online is also for an older slackline kit, so there are a few differences. Also, I don't speak German and the instructional video doesn't speak English. Set up is easier in that you don't have to pull like crazy to tighten the line (the ratchet does that). Set up takes much longer than I expected though (20 minutes). Take down is incredibly difficult. Everything gets so tight; I used a flathead screwdriver to pry into the knot to loosen it. The orange plastic wedge works great as a stopper, but it also causes big delays when it gets stuck in the take down process. Overall, I think this could be a great kit if I had any idea of how to put it up or take it down correctly.

1 Stars Jakub - August 13 2009

Overpriced underthought
Buying probably the priciest slackline set on the market gave me a special feeling. At first. Fancy bag, nice mammut equipment. However, how surprised I got that instead of providing 2 extra (necessary!) carabiners Mammuts asks you tie the tree sling around a tree using a...knot. Knot that after an hour of walking the line gets unbelievably stiff and hard as a stone and completely impossible to untie.

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