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Mountain Safety Research Fuel Bottle

For many years now MSR has been making stoves that backpackers, climbers, hikers and adventure travelers rely on, and right alongside that trusty stove is the MSR Fuel Bottle. This refillable fuel bottle holds 20 fluid ounces of liquid fuel and is compatible with the WhisperLite, the SimmerLite, the DragonFly and any other MSR liquid-fuel stove. Its made from a single piece of impact-extruded aluminum for lightweight strength with a bolstered shoulder and base to resist deforming when pressurized. An air-tight seal wont leak and will keep oxygen from degrading fuel when in storage. Threaded to fit MSR fuel pumps, this 20 oz liquid fuel bottle will store the fuel pump when its empty to aid in easy transport. Get gourmet, explore outside the boxed world of dehydrated food in camp with your MSR stove and MSR stove accessories.

  • Material: single-piece, impact-extruded aluminum to prevent leaks and cracks
  • Designed specifically to accept the threads on MSR fuel pumps
  • Air-tight seal allows fuel to be stored longer by preventing air from entering and degrading fuel
  • Bolstered shoulder and base to resist bulging when pressurized
  • Holes in shaft of bottle cap allow measured flow, prevent spills
  • MSR Fuel Pump can be stored inside a depressurized bottle for easy transporting
  • Made in Seattle, USA, and China
  • Volume: 20 fl oz, 0.59 liters

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Bulldogmtman - May 25 2011

30OZ MSR bottle
Always loved these. Light, durable, easy to pour. 30oz is the stove-use volume. They actually hold more like 34 oz full if you are just using it for fuel transport. That is a whole another meal worth.

5 Stars zhouxingchi - May 7 2011

It holds fuel and doesn't leak even when backed in a bag upside down and bounced for hours. Worked much better than I though they would. No leaks, easy to handle and a great product.

5 Stars Azurecaribe - October 13 2010

Hardcore Quality
When you place a bottle of liquid fuel in you pack you got to feel a little bit uneasy. What if leaks on all your expensive gear ? That's that beauty of the MSR fuel canister. The seal is tight in any type of temperation I could throw at it. Like down to 9 degrees F up to 95 degrees F. The pressure and fit of the closure relative to the presssure to make a liquid tight seal is remarkable. This is a hard core quality product. Much like all the other products coming out of MSR.

5 Stars Shopper - December 10 2009

Great bottle
The bottle is more than sufficient, and very leak tight!

5 Stars yong chen - September 14 2009

good gear!
Fill it with gas, put the pump in and let'er rip. It works. It doesn't leak. Rinses out easily and light weight.

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