Nikwax Down Wash Fabric Care 1000ml (33.8 fl oz)


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Nikwax Down Wash Fabric Care 1000ml (33.8 fl oz)

Down Wash cleans and restores the loft and natural water-repellency of down garments and sleeping bags. It effectively cleans heavily soiled down-filled equipment. Down Wash preserves the water-repellency of outer fabrics as well as the down itself. It helps the down and feathers regain their "bounce" and loft. For maximum effectiveness, use a large capacity commercial, front-loading machine.

  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimizes outdoor performance
  • Revitalises loft and insulation, without damaging the structure of the down
  • It maintains breathability It maintains original water-repellency
  • It's easy to apply - can be used in a washing machine
  • Suitable for use on all fabrics, including technical textiles
  • It lifts out dirt that can attract water and mask water repellent finishes
  • Unlike detergents, it does not leave behind water attractive residues which encourage "wetting-out"
  • It will remove detergent residues left behind by previous washes
  • WaterBased - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous
  • Does not contain fluorocarbons
  • Guaranteed performance for 4 years from manufacture
  • 1000ml (33.8 fl oz)

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars A.C. Slater - November 9 2010

This stuff is awesome
If you've spent the money on a quality down jacket, sweater, or sleeping bag then spend the few extra bucks to protect your goods with Nikwax Downwash. I just washed my Marmot Zues jacket that had a year worth of dirt and man sweat built up on it. When it came out of the dryer I was shocked by the vibrancy of the color. Be sure to use a few clean tennis balls in the dryer to bring the fluff back to the down.

5 Stars jeff s. - June 12 2010

great product
A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Used it for cleaning a 600 fill down vest and it cleaned up well. Some greasy stain did not totally fade (but pre-spotting the second time did the trick). As others have mentioned pre soaking in the machine really makes a difference in getting garment clean would definitely buy again.

5 Stars Max Power - November 2 2009

Amazing and very cost effective
I am glad I bought this item. I used it to wash my down comfortable, jacket, and sleeping bag. I am pretty happy with the result. One thing to note is; make sure to check for lumps during drying process. Tumble dry(no heat) and keep drying it until there are no clumps of down. I also put 3 tennis balls in the dryer to make them puffy. I definitely will buy it again.

5 Stars Shopper - October 14 2009

Great for all Down gear
Have used Nikwax down wash for years and always love the result. Used if for clothes, bags and duvet. Hence the big bottle!

5 Stars Shopper - January 24 2006

Great product for those who like to wash their own down items.
The down wash really freshens and restores the loftiness of the item being washed. Eventhough it is suggested to use a front loading machine, I still use our top loading one and agitate the garment or bag by hand. I usually let the item soak for a few hours, then I can use the spin cycle of the machine to extract the water. I have tried using a bathtub, but the down bag soaks up so much water, it is too heavy to lift. So by using the top loader as a tub, I am ready to spin it dry! Nikwax Down Wash is one of the best brands I have tried! Cheryl E.

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