Nikwax Synthetic Rug Proof Fabric Care 1000ml (33.8 fl oz)


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Nikwax Synthetic Rug Proof Fabric Care 1000ml (33.8 fl oz)

If you horse around with trail stock or you need a safe and dependable treatment for restoring water repellency to your synthetic horse blankets, outdoor tarps and shelter material, this 33.8 oz. bottle of Nikwax Synthetic Rug Proof reinforces fabric under the weather. It's even specifically formulated so it won't stifle GORE-TEX and other breathable fabrics. The generous 33.8 oz. capacity is more than enough to treat gear through several monsoon seasons.

  • Waterproofs synthetic horse blankets and canvas material
  • Safe for GORE-TEX® and other breathable fabrics
  • 33.8 oz.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Memsl - November 4 2011

Solid Product
It is the second season that we are using Rug Proof products on all of our waterproof horse blankets. In general I am always disappointed that even the expensive waterproof blankets do not stay waterproof for longer that one season. I grew up with the values of long term quality which are regrettably no longer applicable in today's world. However, Rug Proof products make up for the lack of horse blankets diminishing waterproofing quality. We use it at the beginning of the rainy season here in Northern California and it lasts even throughout the long heavy rains. It is refreshing to have found a product that keeps the promise they advertise.

5 Stars - October 24 2011

Works as Promised
I used this to re-waterproof two older horse turnouts. I used the washing machine method and then line dried them. They're now beading up water and keeping my ponies warm and dry again.

5 Stars mnk - February 9 2010

i'm a confirmed fan of nikwax
Great product. I use it in combination with the nikwax blanket wash. Blankets and sheets come out clean and waterproofing remains strong. Recently a friend managed to re-waterproof her horse's sheet using this product (the sheet came from the store lacking in waterproofing which she did not discover until after the sheet was used).

5 Stars Marta - July 24 2009

Fantastic produce will make your blankets and sheets last foreve
I use Nikwax Rug Wash and Rug Proof Fabric Care every year on my mare's blankets and sheets. I use my front loading washing machine to wash and then proof the blankets. They come out looking great and even after 5 years of use remain completely waterproof. Thumbs up to this product!

5 Stars Miranda - May 15 2009

Great product - worth every penny!
Face it - horse turnout blankets and sheets are too expensive to replace when they are no longer waterproof. This product is SO EASY to use - all you have to do is take the clean sheet or blanket, pop it in a front loading washer, add about 1/2 a bottle, and you're ready for another season, sometimes two. No rubbing, no spraying, no mess - what more could you ask for?

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