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NUUN Active Hydration Tablets - 1 Tube


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NUUN Active Hydration Tablets - 1 Tube

Looking for a better way to stay hydrated, look no further. Just drop a Nuun hydration tablet in your water bottle and get complex sugarfree electrolyte refreshment your body needs to keep on going. Nuun is more efficiently absorbed that water or other sports drinks and delivers electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to ensure your body stays properly hydrated.

  • Single tube holds 12 tablets for 12 servings (16 oz.serving size) and fits easily into a backpack or jacket pocket
  • Optimal electrolyte levels and salt balance; no carbs/sugars
  • Just drop one tablet into 16 ounces of water, wait two minutes and drink for optimum hydration
  • Tough, water-resistant tube is more convenient than bags of powder
  • Nuun is triathlon tested to prevent cramping and maximize hydration
  • Refreshing, light flavor designed for the active palate
  • Nuun is not fizzy, not messy, not hard to dose like powder
  • Great for long runs, rides, working out in the gym
  • Kona Cola flavor contains caffeine
  • Vitamin C 18.75 mg, magnesium 12.5 mg, calcium 6.25 mg, riboflavin 250mcg

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars nobusan75 - April 2 2011

When I first got introduced to these by my brother who at the time worked at a bicycle shop, I thought what is this? I've never heard of nuun before. When I put them in some water and watched the little tablet's fizz which is fun to watch, it tasted really refreshing and does a nice job of hydrating you. It is a nice alternative to the heavy sugary drinks like powerade or gatorade which is just sugar and very little health benefits. It took some getting used to at first since there is no sugar in these. I do like the carbonation you get with these tablets, it's as if you are drinking soda but without the bad sugar. I may never drink plain water again. I love these nuun's for going on long walks or hikes. Thank You Nuun.

5 Stars kwkwkwkw - December 5 2010

Complete hydration
Excellent product! Provides electrolytes in a nice subtly flavored, but not sweet product. Tri berry is my favorite, but also like lemon-lime and banana (tropical actually. doesn't really taste like bananas.) I like to use it to flavor and add electrolytes to my cycling water bottle with some Hammer Gel Sustained Energy. Provides even energy with a nice mild not sticky syrupy sweet taste. Actually makes me want to drink more. I've been using it for years and will continue to do so.

5 Stars Shopper - May 26 2010

Drink More Water!
Knowing hydration is important, I have elevated my water intake by including Nuun flavors. Great tasting . . . I have probably doubled my consumption and believe I've performed better in high output endeavors. I always go to Altrec for great selection and fast shipping. Double thumbs up.

5 Stars Shopper - May 24 2010

They hydrate well with few calories -- Well worth the money
I have been using these tablets for some time now, and I find them to adequately replenish the electrolytes and fluids lost during vigorous exercise. As an added bonus, they are low in calories, so they are twice as good to me, anyway.

5 Stars Shopper - January 17 2010

Works and tastes great
drop in water and wait a minute for it to dissolve. These are so much more palatable than today's sports drinks. I was not expecting them to taste good but I was pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to give them a try on the golf course when it gets hot out. I will definitely be getting more.

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