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NUUN Active Hydration U Natural Hydration Tablets - 1 Tube


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NUUN Active Hydration U Natural Hydration Tablets - 1 Tube

The U Natural Hydration Tablets - 1 Tube is the all natural hydration drink from the makers of Nuun. It has less electrolytes than nuun and comes with a healthy supply of vitamins. So, we use U daily whenever we are not training (and don't need the full electrolyte profile of nuun) but are still looking for a refreshing drink that is all natural and low in calories. The flavors are also very cool and light. As with nuun, U comes in effervescent tablets that dissolve in water and come in a convenient water proof container. Give U a try, it's a healthy alternative to all those ubiquitous calorie rich drinks out on the market ... and you'll do your part not to add more bottles to the landfills.

  • Balanced electrolytes with addded vitamins to replenish
  • A healthy all day, every day drink
  • Great during lower intensity activities & any time you want a refreshing, healthy drink
  • Light, uplifting flavors
  • No artificial anything
  • Earth friendly - each tube and your reusable water bottle eliminates 16 plastic single serve bottles
  • 1 tube = 16 tabs, makes sixteen 16oz drinks

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4 Star Rating


5 Stars AFresquez - August 11 2011

No sticky taste
Just to clarify, my favorite tasting Nuun is the Cucumber mint. I did NOT like the artificial sweetener of the Goji Berry Green Tea. As far as electrolyte drink mixes g Nuun is my favorite. It doesn't have that sweet taste like others do and there are 16 tablets instead of 12. Good Value.

5 Stars Terrace - December 11 2010

The cucumber mint flavor is very good, I prefer it to all the other flavors. It is a very unique taste.

5 Stars Curty - July 5 2010

I don't normally like to drink only water, so these NuuN tablets are a great way to stay hydrated, and not rely on sugary drinks. The flavor of the Ginger Tangerine is a favorite, being Asian I love anything with Ginger. It also didn't have the sharp spicy bite some Ginger drinks have, which was a welcome surprise. These are perfect after a hike in the hot sun or after going to the Gym.

4 Stars Yvette - May 8 2011

These do the job
These hydration tablets have a light, pleasant taste that is easy to swallow even if your water gets a bit warm. They dissolve quickly and don't leave any kind of residue. This is a great way to stay hydrated without all the extra sugar and artifical colors of typical sports drinks.

4 Stars hardtoplease - December 23 2010

Nuun Hydration Tablets
Took these on the recommendtion of my GP to replace vital electrolytes. I did a 25 mile three day and hard to tell if they help or not. Flavor was cucumber mint and was something different/refreshing than just old water. Drop them in your water and they fizz like alka seltzer. The flavor is subtle not "oh my god this is the greatest thing ever" Do they help? According to my doctor yes,but I felt no different than I did the last three day hike without taking them. If you believe the electrolyte replacement part or want something other than plain water than get these. Will continue to use.

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