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Patagonia Sun Gloves

Take a look at an old flats guide's hands and you'll get a pretty good idea of why we made these. Of course, there's always sunscreen, but it tends to make slippery work of casting and line control, and who wants coconutscented flies, anyway? The solution is a light, comfortable, fingerless glove made from quickdrying, 30 UPF polyester 84 recycled fabric. The webbedfinger design and outoftheway seam placement make Sun Gloves easy to wear and easy to slip on and off. Your hands will thank you.

  • A fingerless glove made from recycled polyester with 30 UPF sun protection
  • 5.8-oz 84% recycled polyester/16% spandex
  • Polyester (84% recycled) glove with 30 UPF sun protection
  • Seams placed away from traditional wear areas
  • Webbed finger design for secure, comfortable fit and easy on/off
  • Ideal Uses: Searching The Sands, Gliding In The Mangroves, Gulf-Coast Redfish Spotting, High-Altitude/High-Latitude Summer Angling
  • Formfitting
  • 20 g (0.7 oz)
  • Made in U.S.A.

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars Yogini who loooves comfy, stretchy, industrial strength clothes - October 13 2010

nice fit and comfortable
I spend a lot of time in the sun in Summer and these gloves helped to protect my hands from looking like "wrangler hands" this season. Though not made to be worn in swimming pools, I wore these in chlorinated pools daily and they lasted three months (which is a good amount of time for being in chlorine for hours daily and for the material they are made of). I'm sure that if not exposed to chlorine, they would have lasted much longer. These sun gloves are well cut and sewn together and do not make it look as though you're wearing gloves for a medical condition (like some other brands and styles might). I will most likely buy another pair for next Summer.

5 Stars Shopper - April 16 2010

Should last a long time
Great for fishing, running, canoeing for sun protection. No palm grip or padding.

5 Stars CoonDawg @ Austin Tejas - December 19 2009

Only those who geaux ... know.
Only folks who have experienced good ole sunburned hands and head and feet know the value of a pair of good ole Patagonia's Sun Gloves. I'll be the first to admit Patagonia products can be a bit pricey fer sum. However some of there products like these gloves, or the 15 year old Patagonia ski socks I'm wearing, and my 18 year old Wet-Dry suitcases have turned out to be a damn good bargain. Unless you are a year round working guide, a pair of these gloves could last a life time.

5 Stars SuperG - October 26 2009

Great for racing in hot weather conditions
Got the idea from watching Sinballe in past Hawaii IM Worlds. If you suffer in the heat then keeping the sun off your skin is essential. These gloves are great - they are light and let air and moisture pass through easily and their light color is less absorbent of the sun. Sinballe's heat research showed that keeping ice in the palms of your hands can have a positive effect in keeping core body temperature down. I get to an aid station and just dump ice into the glove on the palm side and keep on truckin'. As the ice is melting between aid stations, you can wipe your temple / forehead (whatever) and it definitely eases the heat stress.

5 Stars Chris from Colorado - May 18 2009

Awesome product!
My fishing adventures lead me to many high mountain lakes here in Colorado. Year after year like clockwork, the sun overhead can leave me dry,exhausted,and burnt! Never one to let the daylight waste, my eagerness to catch the next fish leaves me lost in the wonder of my environment. Agh!By the time I realize I'm burnt's too late! Up to this year, I've been able to cover up except my hands. Not one to suffer either, I picked up a pair of Patagonia Sun Gloves this year. I've used them on every outing thus far this year and they are a saver! No more red, scratchy burnt fingers and backsides of my hands! I plan on picking up another set as a back up.

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