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Prana Clothing Revolution Natural Sticky Mat

Hold your yoga poses with the confidence and stability a Prana Revolution Natural Sticky Mat provides. Things have changes since the first yoga mats cut from carpet padding began to come onto the scene. Made from biodegradable natural rubber and heat laminated to eliminate the use of toxic glues, this mat is the perfect yoga accessory for the most discerning of yogis. Cut a generous 30 inches wide and using dual scrim construction, this super sticky mat provides a vast and stable surface that doesnt bunch or slide. Youll have all the room you need for proper hand placement and alignment allowing you to focus more on your postures and less on sliding off your mat. From the first hand cut carpet padding the yoga mat has evolved to be better and more environmentally conscious in the Revolution Natural Sticky Mat.

  • Material: Biodegradable rubber
  • Dual scrim construction for improved stability and durability
  • Heat laminated
  • No toxic glues
  • 70 in x 30 in
  • 4 mm thick

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4 Star Rating


5 Stars uhHUH - April 7 2011

<3 it
I love my new mat. I can't say whether or not it's durable since I've only had it about one week. But it generally takes me two years to wear through a mat. We'll see if this one lasts longer. The size is awesome. It's especially awesome if you bring it to a super crowded class, you end up with more room than everyone else cuz your mat is HUGE! The stickiness is perfect, I find it is much easier to do some standing poses. It's much heavier than my older mats. I'm not sure if it's due to the larger size or a combination of size and materials. I highly recommend this mat. It's helped me improve in yoga which in turn improves my life. Weird that simple yoga mat has that ability. There are tons of yoga mats out there, for much cheaper too, but I will most likely buy this one again when the one I have wears down.

5 Stars Brenda Taylor - April 13 2010

nice mat
I really like this mat. The size is awesome & the stickiness is just right.

5 Stars EE - March 16 2010

room to move
Greatest mat ever! Perfectly sticky and extra wide so I have plenty of room to move. I feel this has totally transformed my practice as it is the most stable surface I have ever practiced yoga on...I would highly recommend.

3 Stars hanani - April 4 2011

After practicing yoga for a couple of years on a standard size matt and constantly finding myself on the floor rather than on the matt, it was time for a new matt. The prana revolution was attractive due it's size, it's probably one of the largest matts on the market. With the size comes weight, it's definitely on the heavy side and I would recommend a yoga matt bag in order to carry it for any distance. It's probably worth noting that the matt can feel a bit on the thin side, if you've got sensitive knees or like a lot of padding beneath you this may not be the right matt for you. I do perspire a lot and about 40 minutes into a class when we start getting into the more advanced poses the matt becomes quite slippery. This is my only qualm with it, not sure how to address this problem and I am certain that other matts all exhibit a similar problem. I used to use a non-slip cover on my previous matt, I'll probably keep an eye out for one that would fit across this matt. It's probably worth noting, that it feels awesome and provides great traction until the palms and soles of the feet start perspiring. Overall I do like this matt, the size is not an issue nor is the weight but it does become really challenging to use once it gets wet.

1 Stars Shopper - February 24 2010

very sticky like that
i did a lot of research to find the best mat of all, and it was the prana....i don't like it at all ,and am trying to sell it to anyone that will give me $ for it. hard like a rock, can't do a headstand on it, hurts all parts of the body, and way toooooo heavy, and i am a very strong person. very disappointed, as this was a gift to myself after never allowing myself to have something that nice....oh, well, live and learn

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