Ruffwear Portage Float Coat for Dogs


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Ruffwear Portage Float Coat for Dogs

The Ruffwear Portage Float Coat for Dogs provides safety for your water-loving canine companion and peace of mind for you in and around the water. Ideal for recreational use, the Portage is a high-quality flotation jacket at an excellent value. Great for calm water activities, or for dogs who are less buoyant and/or new to the water. One of the biggest advantages of a Ruff Wear Float Coat: strategically placed PVC-free buoyancy cells that support dogs in a natural horizontal swimming position, allowing them to go farther, longer, with less fatigue.

  • Great for calm water activities, or for dogs who are less buoyant and/or new to the water
  • Strategically placed PVC-free buoyancy cells that support dogs in a natural horizontal swimming position
  • Intended Uses: Canoeing, Recreational Paddling, Lake Swimming, Sailing
  • Performance fit: contoured, athletic cut
  • Ruff Wear Float Coats should fit snugly, please measure carefully!
  • Girth: measurement around widest part of rib cage
  • Size: XXS 12"-19" (30-48 cm), XS 17"-24" (43-61 cm), S 23"-30" (58-76 cm), M 27"-32" (69-81 cm), L 31"-40" (79-102 cm), XL 35"-48" (89-122 cm)

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars - August 9 2011

Excellent for hard to fit dogs
We live on a lake with 5 dogs, all of whom enjoy the fun of playing in the water, but two of which were not able to do more then splash in the shallows until recently due to an inability to swim. After trying numerous other brands unsuccessfully, we ordered two portage float coats and are extremely pleased. The size small fits our 28 pound French Bulldog perfectly, providing enough buoyancy to keep his brachycephalic face out of the water but still allows a decent range of motion and maneuverability. His confidence is building rapidly and he is voluntarily spending more and more time in the water. The extra large adjusts well to the 125 pound American Bulldog who previously sank like a rock if he attempted to go in too he can happily swim out after tennis balls with the rest of his pack. This is a heavy boned, very deep chested dog that has been hard to fit previously. As he has had numerous orthopaedic surgeries, we are thrilled he is now able to benefit from the mental and physical therapeutics of hydrotherapy. Both vests are holding up well to heavy daily use. Although the other three dogs are strong swimmers in their own right, we plan to order one of these for each of them for added protection on boating excursions and/or challenging conditions.

5 Stars pld4121 - August 2 2011

Great support for dogs
My Border Collie swam as a pup, but not in a few yrs. My Std Poodle never swam. I borrowed someone's vests to take them swimming and vests just seem to float on top of the dogs, but were secured around their stomach. They couldn't keep their head above water, their bodies sank. They seemed to be scared. I researched life vests and chose Ruffwear Portage Float Coat. It was a little more money but well worth it. Their head and body floats much better. I measured, and remeasured. Fit my Border Collie perfectly. I am going to get another for my Std Poodle in hopes she will join us. After living through Hurricane Katrina a life vest for all of us is now a necessity.

5 Stars LunkerLauncher - June 23 2011

My dog absolutely loves to swim but he's a skinny border collie and doesn't have the greatest buoyancy. When he would grab his toy he'd get water in his mouth on the return trip. The Portage Float Coat raised him far enough out of the water to keep him from swallowing water on the return trip. I've also been around other dogs with different floating vest and I have yet to see one as well designed or as durable the Ruffwear. The coat doesn't slide around on the dog and make it uncomfortable for him. The grab handle, which I have seen rip off multiple other coats, keeps going strong two summers in.

5 Stars BigSkyAdventurist - May 23 2011

Ruff Wear Does It Again
Extremely well made PFD for my 7 lb. Morkie. He likes the fit in XXS, the vest goes on and off easily. Highly visible orange color, good floatation. Reflective strips, snap fasteners and most desirable is the "handle" on top. I carry my little boy like a "purse" with legs. A life saver in rampaging, ice cold western rivers. Very satisfied!

5 Stars wisgal - May 18 2011

Great for peace of mind
Bought this life jacket for my Golden Retriever. He's an excellent swimmer but doesn't know when to quit. He likes to swim alongside us in our kayaks. It gives us peace of mind knowing he will stay afloat even if he gets too tired.

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