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Ruffwear Roamer Dog Leash

Even with strict leash laws, your companion can have some roaming space. Both sizes of the Ruffwear Roamer Dog Leash have an elastic core that extends, allowing you to maintain control while your partner enjoys a generous range of movement. Let your pup ramble and investigate without dragging you from your path.

  • Material: Made with sturdy 1-inch (25 millimeter) or 0.75-inch (19 millimeter) tubular nylon webbing
  • Elastic core expands 3 to 4.5 additional feet (0.9 to 1.4 meters)
  • Adjustable handle can go in a hand, cinch around any waist, or unsnap at the side-release buckle and attach to a hitching post
  • Quick-grab traffic handle offers control at a moment’s notice
  • Length when resting w/8”h handle (5.5’ sm., 6.5’ lg.)
  • Length when fully extended (8.5’ sm., 11’ lg.)
  • Tubular webbing width (3/4” sm., 1” lg.)
  • Waist-worn handle size (max.) (40" sm., 40” lg,)
  • Length when resting w/8”h handle (1.7 m sm., 2 m lg.)
  • Length when fully extended (2.6 m sm., 3.4 m lg.)
  • Tubular webbing width (19 mm sm., 25 mm lg.)
  • Waist-worn handle size (max.) (102 cm sm., 102 cm lg.)

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5 Star Rating


5 Stars nickaltrec - October 3 2011

Outstanding leash
This is excellent for trail hiking. The hands-free aspect works perfectly - adjusts easily and securely to stay put around your waist. The "give" of the bungee (not just a thin elastic band) is just right and helps both man and beast maintain proper balance. With the secure buckle, both hand-hold loop mode and waist loop mode allow for quick and easy securing of leash with items from a tree trunk to a car door handle (- tie your boots without having to hold leash at the same time). Extremely well made of quality components. Only caveat is to be aware that a size L with a 20 pound or less dog is just too big - both functionally speaking and simply in terms of looking odd. So, even if you really want the extra reach the size L gives you, it is probably best to go with size S (and loose a bit of reach) if you have a small pooch.

5 Stars runrCHICK - September 9 2011

Great for Running
I have a border collie puppy that I'm teaching to run along side me. This leash is perfect! I can strap this around my waist and the leash allows him to roam a little bit.

5 Stars activepup - October 27 2010

Great leash
This is a great overall leash. I use it to run with my young dog who is still learning how to run on the leash. It is very comfortable! It is also easy to hook up to just about anything if the need arises.

5 Stars Altrecfan - October 23 2010

Great for hiking
I really like this leash for hiking. Gives your dog the little extra to roam when you can't have them off leash. I wouldn't recommend this on the street since it is harder to control your dog from extending but great for elsewhere!

5 Stars Pearly - October 20 2010

Best Leash Ever Invented
The hands free option of Walking your dog is great. You can run, ride a bike and walk with your dog and you have enough personal space. I have bought a similar leash from another company which was a little cheaper which broke, so the Roamer Leash is the way to go even though it might be a couple of extra bucks. It's worth the investment.

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